Visibility on your motorcycleVisibility on your motorcycle

The importance of visibility

Autumn is here and winter is approaching, which means the days are getting shorter and the weather is changing. Therefore, it is extra important to keep a good overview on your motorcycle and make sure that other road users can see you properly. By wearing the right equipment, you can ensure that you are seen on the road. Both during the day and in the dark. Are you curious about how to increase your visibility? In this blog we will show you how not to be overlooked.

Colorful patterns on helmets and clothing

Before we get into special materials that increase your visibility, let's start with an easy and perhaps obvious way to be seen more quickly. And that is by wearing colors and patterns in your motorcycle clothing. Although black is preferred by a large portion of motorcyclists, color makes you just a little more visible on the road. This can range from color details and colorful panels to completely colored clothing. A color accent can often be enough to attract attention.

In addition to color, patterns and graphics make you more likely to be seen. A great way to reflect this in your outfit is through your helmet. In our assortment we offer a wide selection of helmets with graphics in different colors. Even if the rest of your outfit is dark, a helmet with graphics and color can make a difference.

Colorful motorcycle helmetColorful motorcycle helmet
Visibility in the darknessVisibility in the darkness

Reflective strips on clothing

Reflective strips or panels are very common these days in motorcycle clothing. Often these are subtle lines that reflect light. The strips may be incorporated into the logo or in strategic places on the body. Jackets, pants, gloves and shoes; reflection can be used on every part of your gear. When looking up products, the product information indicates whether there are reflective parts on the product. This is then indicated in additional information under 'reflective panels'.

Night-Eye from Macna

Some brands have developed their own concepts regarding visibility. Such as the Dutch motorcycle clothing brand, Macna. Night-Eye from Macna, as used in the Equator, is special material that looks like regular fabric during the day, but lights up in the dark when light is shined on it. Night Eye fabric consists of all sorts of tiny "beads" that reflect light from outside, even at greater distances. These types of materials are ideal if you don't want to compromise on style, but want to remain highly visible in the dark.

Macna Night-EyeMacna Night-Eye
High-vis motorcycle clothingHigh-vis motorcycle clothing

High-vis clothing

We also have high-vis clothing in our collection. This is clothing in which fluorescent colors are used, mainly neon yellow. Neon yellow can be subtly used with black and gray, but if you really want to be visible, you can choose to buy clothing in neon yellow. A great example of a high-vis jacket is the Lindstrands Halden Black Yellow. The combination of reflective strips and a fluorescent yellow panel ensure that you won't be overlooked both during the day and at night. 

Do you only want to increase your visibility in the rain or in the dark, without buying a whole new jacket? Then you can choose to add a reflective vest to your wardrobe, such as the Rev'it! Connector HV. These vests are easy to take with you and can provide just that extra bit of safety.

A better view when the weather gets worse

In addition to making sure you are visible to other road users, it is also important that you have a good view of the road yourself. These tips can help you ride your motorcycle safely in the fall:

  • Bring sunglasses for the low standing sun if you don't already have a built-in sun visor in your helmet.
  • Make sure your visor is clean and scratch-free.
  • Avoid white surfaces and repairs on the road. These can be very slippery.

Here's to a great many miles, even in the dark periods!