RAC41 ChromeBurner wins the 100-year anniversary of the Bol d’Or!

Last weekend the annual Bol d'Or 24-hour race, a World Cup Endurance classic, was back on the program in the south of France. This year was a special edition, as the Bol d'Or celebrated its 100th anniversary with the 85th edition of one of the world's most famous motorcycle races. The RAC41 ChromeBurner team had qualified fifth in the Superstock class and seventeenth overall for the Bol d'Or. With Chris Leesch, Jonathan Hardt and Wayne Tessels on the team, it promised to be an exciting race!

The start of an exciting race

Chris Leesch had the honor of opening the race for the French Honda team. The strong wind made it difficult to ride in a consistent rhythm at the beginning of the race. In the first few hours, the RAC41 ChromeBurner team raced around seventh place in the Superstock class, but then things quickly got exciting and the team raced to the front. Several teams had problems after a few hours, but Hardt, Tessels and Leesch had little trouble and felt good on the bike. Late in the evening they raced in third place. The night went smoothly and after riding in second place for a while, the team took over the lead in the early morning!

RAC41 Chromeburner Bol d'OrRAC41 Chromeburner Bol d'Or
RAC41 ChromeBurner RacingRAC41 ChromeBurner Racing

In trouble?

RAC41 ChromeBurner was even able to build a two-lap lead in the race until Wayne Tessels suffered a cracked exhaust in the morning. Despite the lightning-fast replacement, the Honda team lost the lead, followed by an exciting battle with the Kawasaki team. For hours and until the end of the race, the teams raced within the same lap. RAC41 ChromeBurner rode in the lead and after 24 hours the team crossed the finish line as the first Superstock team and seventh team overall. A fantastic win!

Wayne Tessels' take on the race

Wayne Tessels said the following about the Bol d'Or: "What a great team effort this is! Jonathan, Chris and I have a very good rhythm both in daylight and in the dark. The team did an excellent job and switched very quickly when there was a problem. It was exciting in the final hours, but we managed to hold first place until the finish. I am extremely proud of this result and of everyone who contributed to this victory. Now to enjoy this wonderful result and recover from 24 hours of racing."

Podium RAC41 Chromeburner Bol d'OrPodium RAC41 Chromeburner Bol d'Or

What a finale to the season with a wonderful performance. We are super proud of the team! Want to stay up to date? Then follow Wayne Tessels and RAC41 ChromeBuner or keep an eye on our blog.