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Sidi is a brand that produces high quality sport accessories. The company, being founded by the legend Dino Signori, mainly focuses on footwear. In the 70’s, Signori decided to re-develop motorcycle footwear, together with motorcycle legends. The new design was more comfortable, flexible and practical. Throughout the years, Spidi has become the favorite of many champions!

Why buy Sidi products?

Sidi is known for their groundbreaking innovations like their internal ankle support, the cam-lock, the offroad buckle system and the sole replacement system. After decades of innovating, the company offers a wide range of high quality products.

By their continuous developments and innovations, Sidi really wants to set the standards in their market. Sidi makes products for extreme circumstances where their professional drivers need them for. Their commitment to quality achieved that they are capable to perform in these heavy circumstances. Sidi produces racing boots, touring footwear, offroad boots and much more. Each category has its own unique qualities which each match with categories. With Sidi, you always buy a high quality product! And even if there comes a moment that something will break, Sidi has lots of spare parts that you can use to replace the broken parts easily.

Why buy at Chromeburner?

When you buy your Sidi gear at Chromeburner, you benefit from our unique services. We send our products worldwide and fast: if you order on time, we will send the product the same day, so you can enjoy your Sidi gear as soon as possible! Still have doubts? Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have! Our team is ready to help you find the right Sidi gear!

Spend £130 and we pay for shipping!