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SIDI - Always a Step Ahead

Sidi is a brand that offers high-quality professional level motor gear. Ever since the company was founded by sports footwear legend Dino Signori, boots remain the brands main offering. Nearly four decades ago, Signori collaborated with several legendary motorcyclists in order to redesign motorcycle boots. The new designs were more comfortable, flexible, and practical boots for professionals. Over the years, Sidi has become the choice of champions. The company is known for introducing groundbreaking innovation to the industry including features such as inner ankle protection, cam-lock off road buckle system and the Sole replacement system.

Stay Comfortable, Stay Competitive

For the past forty years, Sidi has proved itself as a brand that is focused on moving towards the future, one step at a time. Through constant research, development, and innovation, Sidi strives to set new standards in the industry. It creates products that are designed to endure the extreme conditions professional athletes have to put them through. It is Sidi’s commitment to quality that has helped its boots live up to those challenged with great success. While Sidi has expanded its product range to cycling shoes and motor accessoiries, their main product offering remains motorcycling boots. Their main line-ups of boots include racing boots, touring boots, off road boots and an exclusive SDS design series. All of these ranges are created to focus on different types of motorcyclists and their varying needs. While Sidi may be exploring more ventures, motorcycling boots remain their major forte and the company is striving to further improve their product through technology. One of their latest inventions for example is a ventilated carbon fiber sole, for maximum protection.,