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KLIM Carlsbad Conversion Connection Zipper Kit
AU$ 1034 AU$ 1379
Dainese Zip Belt Lady Black
AU$ 3993 AU$ 7988
Spidi Suspenders Black K3
AU$ 3921 AU$ 4128
ROKKER SAS-TEC Protectors Level 1
AU$ 2398 AU$ 3998
Held D3O Ghost Ellbow Knee Orange
AU$ 3082 AU$ 3852
Halvarssons Protectorset Shoulder/Elbow/Knee, Grey Type A Level 2
AU$ 3998
Spidi Connection SJ-BP Black Red Accessories
AU$ 2607 AU$ 2743
REV'IT! Safeway 30 Brown Belt
AU$ 6201 AU$ 6890
REV'IT! Safeway 2 Black Belt
AU$ 6569 AU$ 7298
REV'IT! Safeway 2 Brown Belt
AU$ 6574 AU$ 7304
REV'IT! Safeway 30 Black Belt
AU$ 6574 AU$ 7304
Dainese Zip Belt Black
AU$ 3993 AU$ 7988
Dainese Tiger Kidney Belt
AU$ 3221 AU$ 4955
Halvarssons Protectorset Shoulder/Elbow/Knee, Grey Type B Level 2
AU$ 3998
Dainese Union Belt Black
AU$ 3787 AU$ 7574
REV'IT! Suspenders Black
AU$ 5581 AU$ 6201
Spidi Lumbar Biomechanic Black Grey Belt
AU$ 7844 AU$ 8256

17 Items

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Other accessories

Safety is extremely important with any riding style. Riding a bike of any type makes you vulnerable to all types of accidents and injuries. That’s why the right motorcycle clothing and protective gear are very important. You can find a lot of protective gear in our selection of motorcycle protection and accessories. From upper body protectors and lower body protective gear to MX armor and Hi-Viz vests. Anything else you may need is here in our ‘other accessories’ category.

Other protective accessories at ChromeBurner

At ChromeBurner we have a selection of extra accessories that offer extra protection and other benefits. We offer a few different belts from brands like REV’IT!, Dainese and Spidi. Some offer extra lumbar protection, this supports the riders back and relieves stress on the lower back. Most of these belts can be attached to a jacket with a zipper and offer extra extension of the jacket. Other accessories in this category are helmet spare parts.

Why you should order at ChromeBurner

If you live anywhere in the world and like fast shipping and low prices, ChromeBurner is the place to be. If you buy any of these accessories at ChromeBurner you will benefit from our fast worldwide shipping. You will also benefit from our lowest price guarantee, so you will never pay too much for your new motorcycle gear.

Need help finding other accessories?

Not sure what to choose from our other accessories? Or any other questions about our products? At ChromeBurner we believe in the importance of getting the right motorcycle clothing. Every rider is different and so are their needs. We are here to help. Do not hesitate to contact our customer care team full of motorcycle geeks at support@chromeburner.com or 073 200 80 20!