All about Motorcycle Gloves

A must-have in your motorcycle outfit is a pair of gloves. Besides offering warmth and protection during rides, they also offer protection during a crash. It’s therefore a good idea to wear motorcycle gloves and hit the road safely. But what’s there to know about gloves? In this blog we’ll update your knowledge, so you will know what to look for when buying your next pair of gloves.


Motorcycle gloves are often made of leather or textile, or a combination of these two. Goatskin is one of the go-to leather types for gloves. This type of leather is strong, durable and will easily last a long time when you care for it properly.

Where leather is abrasion-resistant and offers great protection, textile is soft and comfortable and offers a lot of freedom of movement. Textile is versatile and is great for incorporating membranes, which can make the gloves waterproof and windproof or very strong so it can handle wear and tear.

Textile is also often used for lining, which is great for winter gloves and leather gloves.


Gloves can be equipped with different types of protection. Depending on your riding style, you can opt for complete protection or minimal protection, but with perhaps more freedom of movement.

The most common protection in gloves are knuckle and palm protection. Knuckle protection often consists of hard protection that offers safety for sliding or hard impacts. Palm protection comes in different types. This can vary from an extra layer of material (such as leather), padding on the palm, to hard protection such as a palm slider.

Racing and sport gloves often have additional protective parts, such as a finger bridge, which connects your little finger to your ring finger to reduce the risk of breakage and Distortion Control, which is specifically designed by Dainese against injuries.


In addition to protection, gloves can also provide warmth or have cooling properties. Summer gloves offer the ideal solution during warm(er) days. These gloves have perforated surfaces in case of leather gloves or breathable mesh panels when they are made of textile.

Do you brave the cold in the winter on your motorcycle? Then it is of course nice to prevent ice-cold hands. Winter gloves offer warmth, comfort and dry hands. Winter gloves always have one or more layers of thermal lining. This is not only comfortable, but it also insulates well. Cold air is expelled and warm air remains inside the motorcycle gloves.

And then there are the really, really cold days. For these days heated gloves are developed.

Heated gloves have a battery-operated heating element, which you can sometimes connect to your motorcycle battery. This way, your hands are constantly provided with external heat while riding.

Waterproof gloves

Do you sometimes (or often) end up in a rain shower? Then something to take into account when choosing new gloves is the degree of water resistance. A waterproof membrane ensures that the gloves are waterproof and breathable. The membrane is incorporated into the fabric or laminated to the outer fabric.

Gore-Tex laminated gloves are renowned for their high breathability and are often used in winter gloves.

Extra attributes

There are also various other options available when choosing the right motorcycle gloves. Do you prefer a short or a long cuff? Gloves with a long cuff provide extra wrist protection and warmth, while gloves with a short cuff offer a lot of freedom of movement and are pleasant to wear in the summer.

In addition, it might also be interesting to check whether you want to use your touchscreen on your phone while wearing gloves. Today the majority of gloves are Touchscreen Compatible. This is something that is also stated in the product specifications.

Finally, you shouldn’t forget the looks of the gloves. Do you want your gloves to match your motorcycle and outfit or do you prefer a more toned-down look? Due to our large collection, there is always something that will fit your taste.

All in all, there are plenty of features to consider when choosing new motorcycle gloves. There are lots of filter options on the website to make your search easier. Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!