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Navigation Systems for your motorcycle

Having a navigation system on your motorcycle makes a trip a lot more easier and fun. The motorcycle GPS’s that we have in our collection at ChromeBurner are fully dedicated to use on a motorcycle. They are waterproof, shockproof when you drive on the most weathered roads and can even be operated with gloves on. In addition, they have many options that are interesting for motorcyclists, such as creating your own routes that are made up of your personal favourite stops or automatically planning an interesting, winding route through the mountains. No more hassle with loose maps, but a user-friendly software that guides you along the most beautiful landscapes.

Choose a navigation system specifically designed for the motorcyclist

At ChromeBurner, we offer motorcycle navigation systems from the brands TomTom and Garmin. Each system has its own advantages. For example, the quad processors incorporated in the TomTom navigation systems are incredibly fast and start the software in an instant. You can also enjoy the benefits that their Lifetime service offers, such as mapping your own routes worldwide, file updates and speed limits. A Garmin motorcycle navigation system is known for the clear screen on which you can clearly see the route - even when the sun is shining bright - and you have the possibility to drive off-road routes through tracks. You can also easily connect your smartphone or Spotify to enjoy all the features that you would use in the car.

Spend CA $449 and we pay for shipping!