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Schuberth C5 Matt Black Modular Helmet
CA$ 677 55 CA$ 896 50
Shark Evo GT Blank Mat Black Modular Helmet
CA$ 382 96 CA$ 576 35
Scorpion Exo-Tech Evo Solid White Modular Helmet
CA$ 380 27 CA$ 422 54

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Modular helmets

The most important piece of your motorcycle outfit is of course your helmet. It has to look cool, match your bike and needs to be safe. There are lots of types of helmets to choose from. One of them is the modular helmet. You’ll often see modular helmets with touring riders. Mainly because of the fact that these helmets are equipped with lots of features like an internal sun visor or are prepared to easily install a Bluetooth communication system. At first sight a modular helmet doesn’t look so different from a full face helmet. But when you take a closer look, you’ll often see a button on the chin bar that reveals that it’s a modular helmet.

10 different brands of modular helmets to choose from!

A modular helmet itself is not any different from a full face helmet except for the flip up chin bar, as told earlier. So no compromises were made in terms of comfort or designs. And comfort is what you’ll get! It’s not for nothing that touring riders use these kind of helmets on their long journeys. And all major manufacturers like Schuberth ,Shark , Nolan, Scorpion and AGV have modular helmets, so there are lots of brands to choose from. Every brand has their own unique features or design. A modular helmet from Schuberth will be more quiet and if you like bright colorful designs Shark is the brand to put on your shortlist.

Buying a modular helmet at ChromeBurner

For us at ChromeBurner, riding a motorcycle is more than just a way of transportation and safety doesn’t have to be boring! We strive to provide you with the best possible selection of the finest quality motorcycle gear. In other words: if we like it, we sell it. Our entire team will do everything to make you feel safe and look good on a motorcycle! Don’t hesitate to contact our gear geeks at or give them a call at 0031 73 200 80 20.

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