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Scorpion EXO-R1 Air Fabio replica

16 days ago

We have had it in the collection for a while now, but the results of Fabio Quartararo give reason enough to give this helmet some extra attention!

Mirjam pol is postponing her Dakar participation to 2022

21 days ago

Mirjam Pol managed to get the best result in her Dakar career last year in Saudi Arabia. Yet she has made the decision to pass up the 2021 edition and to postpone her Dakar participation to 2022… Why? Read it here, in a message from Mirjam herself!

Your body position on a motorcycle

26 days ago

Our brand ambassador Dennis Batterink tells you everything about his learning process on how he managed to find a body position on the bike where he’s comfortable with. Because he often can be found at the racetrack, he’s speaking out of his own experiences. Curious on what he had to say? You can read it here!

In retrospect: the 24 hours Moto of Le Mans

28 days ago

Last weekend it finally happened, the first race after a long period of not racing at all. On the calendar: the 24 hours at Le Mans! The race would end unfortunately for RAC41 ChromeBurner...

Get ready for your next adventure!

2 months ago

Are you ready for your best adventure yet? Whatever your adventure is going to be, you are the one that's going to make it happen! And we are here to help you go! Read everything about Adventure clothing in this blog!

Being a Motorcycle racer during Covid-19 times: Wayne Tessels

4 months ago

In this blog you will get an update about Wayne Tessels. The racer has been busy during Covid-19 times. Read on quick!

Our summer clothing selection

4 months ago

Motorcycle riders, we are something different. As soon as the first beams of the sun rays shine, we are ready to ride into the summer on our bikes. Now that summer is really around the corner, "It's time to ride!".

Being a Motorcycle racer during Covid-19 times: Mirjam Pol

4 months ago

This blog dives into top athlete Mirjam Pol’s experiences and activities during the period in which the Coronavirus crept through society.

How long does a motorcycle helmet last?

5 months ago

Although there is no "best before date" sticker on a helmet, motorcycle helmets do have a maximum shelf life. Of course this partially depends on the use of the helmet, but that a helmet would last forever is a myth. The average life span of a helmet is 5 to 7 years before it needs to be replaced.

Shoei Glamster

9 months ago

To all motorcyclists with a passion for retro: pay attention! The Neo-classic collection introduces the completely new Glamster. This ‘road style’ full-face helmet lives up to his name ‘Glamster’.

January Dakar Giveaway

9 months ago

January, Dakar, giveaway... Sounds good, right? Read more in this blog!

Mirjam Pol's 2020 Dakar

9 months ago

Read here everything about Mirjam's adventures in the 2020 Dakar! With daily updates!

Wayne Tessels - 8 HOURS OF SEPANG 2019

10 months ago

The last race of 2019 for Wayne Tessels was held on the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia. Curious how it went for Wayne and his team? Read more in this blog!

Wayne Tessels Giveaway!

10 months ago

Last weekend Wayne Tessels competed with the RAC41 team in the 8 hours endurance race of Sepang, Malaysia. A couple of setbacks like heavy rainfall and thunderstorms resulted in a 3 hour race instead of the 8 hours originally planned... Nevertheless, we've got an awesome giveaway for you guys!

Introducing our brand ambassador Christian Waddell from WADZ UP!

10 months ago

We recently teamed up with Christian Waddell as a brand ambassador for ChromeBurner! The owner of the YouTube channel named WADZ UP gives a short introduction of himself!