ChromeBurner originated as a hobby and has grown thanks to passion, perseverance and innovation. These core values encompass both the company and every one of its employees. We’re passionate about everything … whether we’re off to the race track, competing for position number one in our go-kart tournament or all simultaneously drooling at the latest gear. Gasoline flows through our veins and we love just about anything and everything related to our passion: riding motorcycles!

Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with collaborations? Well, more than you might think! We think it’s important to surround ourselves with likeminded people, who share our passion, our enthusiasm and are willing to learn from others. Therefore we’re always on the hunt for people who have the same mind set regarding collabs, ensuring a strong, long lasting relationship on both a business and a personal level.

If this is about a sponsorship for you as a professional rider, a relation between us and your motorcycle club, a collaboration with you as our brand ambassador or working with other companies, we’re open to everything. Long term collaborations are important to us and we think it’s bringing out the best in both parties!

Your ride, your safety. Our passion.

If we lend our name to something, we’ll do it in style… and safety! It’s our mission to provide every customer with the best equipment possible, so that they can go out riding with a good feeling and still be safe. Of course we want to establish awesome projects and high quality content. 


Is motorsport your absolute passion? Are you a talent with the ambition to shine at the highest level? We are proud to be part of your 'road to success'!


We enjoy working together with motorcycle clubs, whether they are big or small. Do you bring people together and are you passionate about what you do? Then we have a connection!


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Collaborating with other companies is something we strive for. We believe that both parties can benefit from each other's success!