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Everything about waterproof membranes

While motorcycling, an unexpected shower may fall or maybe you like to ride in the rain? Against this there are different types of waterproof clothing, boots and gloves that will help you stay dry. To make these products waterproof, membranes are needed. Which one suits your riding style best? Or what exactly do these waterproof membranes entail?  These questions can be answered while reading this blog.


In this construction, the waterproof membrane is attached under the outer layer. Because of this, there is also a layer of air in between which first wets the outer jacket. The outer layer is first completely filled with water causing it to go against the membrane, which then holds back the water. A disadvantage of a Fixed membrane can be that it is fixed and thus cannot be removed or replaced. This also gives you less ventilation in these products. The membrane then stays in front of the ventilation areas.
This is the cheapest variant but is certainly sufficiently protected against an unexpected rainstorm. The advantage is that the membrane is always attached to the motorcycle jacket or pants so it is always waterproof.

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For clothing where the waterproof membrane is removable, it can be detached from the garment. This allows you to wear it with or without it. It is a kind of inner jacket or pants attached to the outer layer. As it were, first the outer layer gets wet and then the detachable membrane keeps the water out. This jacket is ideal almost for all weather conditions. So you can ride in the summer without a waterproof membrane or inner jacket but also with. This inner lining is often combined with a thermo lining. This makes the jacket or pants more intended against the cold days. Products with a detachable membrane are thus versatile because combining is possible.


With a laminated waterproof membrane, like the other types, you also have an outer layer. The difference with this membrane is that it is virtually fixed against this layer. This gives the water little chance to really get inside. The advantage of this is that the jacket does not become very heavy because not much water can be sucked into the fabric and the membrane repels it quickly.

This is also the most expensive kind because it is also the most waterproof kind of all. It also allows optimal ventilation because the membrane is not in front of the ventilation zones. Therefore, with this type of jacket or pants, the more exclusive brands are often used because quality and waterproofness are guaranteed.

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Different brands

There are many different brands that have waterproof membranes. These have often built a reputation that people refer to. Then these membranes are used by other brands to ensure the quality of their products. The best-known brands of these are: Gore-tex, Dryway, D-Dry, H2Out and Drytex. These brands are used both in motorcycle clothing, motorcycle gloves and motorcycle boots.

Each brand has its own qualities and are tested in different ways. Often they do have the same measurement method to test waterproofing. This is divided into water columns that then indicate how waterproof a product is and what amount it can withstand. This is expressed in mm per cm2. In general, products from 1.000 mm and up are considered waterproof. Because there is often more pressure in places such as when carrying a backpack or at the hollows of the elbows and knees, it is recommended to take products from 10.000 mm. With the Gore-tex brand, you are usually in the right place in terms of waterproofing as these products all have a water column from 28.000 mm.


The Gore-tex brand is known for good quality membranes. This brand is one of the best known and offer 100% waterproofing.

Their products have to pass various tests with high quality requirements. Because of this, the brand can always guarantee its quality in whatever the product is. For example, clothing goes through different areas where the fabric is stretched, the extreme weather conditions are tested and of course the comfort as well.
Within a brand, there are usually different levels as well. These then range from waterproofing. Gore-Tex is available in clothing as well as shoes or gloves.

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