REV'IT! winter collection of 2021

The new collection of REV'IT! motorcycle clothing for the fall season is a real treat. Get an impression of the collection you can expect at ChromeBurner!

REV'IT! motorcycle clothing

Every season we can expect another heap of goodies from REV'IT! The Dutch motorcycle clothing manufacturer listens carefully to customer feedback to make its products just that little bit better. The same goes for this collection. We took a look at all the goodies and news and created some great outfits!

Urban/ Street

The first outfit
Casual, fashionable and yet safe! That's the best way to describe this outfit. What can you see in the photos?


The Second outfit

This outfit is a bit more outspoken than the first one, also because of the striking helmet. Still, we think it's a successful look. The longer REV'IT! jacket is perfect for urban riders, because it has a great casual look, even off the bike, and protects you from the elements. The following products are shown in the pictures.


REV'IT! backpacks

For the first time in REV'IT!’s history, backpacks can be found in the collection. Ranging from 9L for the adventure rider to 22L for the daily commuter. The backpacks have been created in collaboration with renowned luggage brand Kriega. REV'IT wouldn't be REV'IT if it didn't follow through with its quirky designs, and this is also true for the backpacks. In addition to design, they have also paid close attention to body ergonomics in order to make sure the backpacks are as comfortable as possible. Nothing is more annoying than a backpack that presses on your shoulders during a ride on the motorcycle. That's why all backpacks have a QUADLOC buckle on the chest that takes the weight off the shoulders and moves it to the front. We can speak from experience that this is much more comfortable and you will certainly notice that!

Adventure collectie

 We We already talked about it a little bit, but the REV'IT! Adventure collection is also full of new products. Below you will find an impression of the new and updated products!

REV’IT! Dominator 3 GTX

The absolute best in the Adventure gear segment is the new generation of the Dominator, which has a number of changes compared to its predecessor. These are mainly in the areas of comfort, abrasion resistance and ventilation. For example, seams have been repositioned to increase comfort and vents have been relocated for even better airflow.

The same applies to the Dominator 3 GTX pants. The second generation of the Dominator GTX was already a very fine adventure pants, but in this third generation a lot of focus has been put on improvements. Like a removable extra piece of fabric that ensures that during rides in the rain absolutely no water can get on the inside of the jacket from the bottom. To increase comfort and flexibility, the Superfabric at the knees has been replaced with the rock-solid Multi-layer Print.

REV’IT! Defender 3 GTX

The little brother of the Dominator 3 GTX is the Defender 3 GTX, although little brother is a bit of an understatement. This awesome jacket has also received a number of upgrades over the previous generation. In fact, the jacket has received all of the functionalities of the Sand 4, only everything is just a bit more premium. REV'IT! spent a lot of time on details with the Defender 3 GTX. With new ripstop additions, the jacket has become more abrasion resistant than its predecessor and stretch panels have been placed in more places for more freedom of movement.

REV'IT! Rainwear

REV'IT's rainwear has also been further developed. The Cyclone 3 H2o is equipped with more reflection. Of course, they are still as easy to fold up as before, making it easy to stow away in your backpack or motorcycle compartments. Furthermore, the rainwear is made of a softer material, which increases comfort, but is also stronger and will wear less with more use. As an additional advantage of the new material, the rainwear now has a matte finish instead of the 'shiny' look and also comes in a cool blue variant!

De hele REV'IT! collection

The entire REV'IT! fall collection is expected at the end of October and will be available at ChromeBurner from then on. Keep a close eye on our website to be one of the first to benefit from all the beauty in the collection!