The best motorcycle gear for women

Get inspired by the best gear for the motorcycling woman!

Women and motorcycling

Motorcycling is becoming more and more popular. The number of people getting their motorcycle licenses increases every year and what is striking is that more and more women are interested in motorcycling! The offer in terms of clothing for female motorcyclists is becoming increasingly cool and manufacturers say goodbye to frumpy details on motorcycle clothing. So it's time to find out everything you need to know about women's motorcycle clothing!

Motorcycle jackets for women

Jackets for women are becoming increasingly fashionable. In the past, pink was the main color used to indicate that it was a women's motorcycle jacket, but now it is the fit, color and material that distinguishes between men's and women's motorcycle clothing. So there is more focus on trends in the fashion industry and more attention to what clothing women feel good and confident in.

Adventure/ Touring jackets

No matter what your riding style is, for every lady there is a motorcycle jacket that fits your needs as a rider. Do you like making long tours or are gravel roads your thing, then take a look at our Adventure/ Touring jackets for women. What you'll see in this segment of jackets is that the women's version of a certain jacket has the same features as the men's version, but adjustment features are in other places, and the fit is completely adapted to the build of the female body.

 Urban/Street jackets

If you are a girl who tends to a more sporty riding style, then you'll find what you need in our collection of Urban / Street motorcycle jackets. Here you will find all jackets that make a stylish impression both on and off the bike. No one will notice you just got off the bike, and comfort while shopping in your favorite city is always nice of course!

 Cruiser jackets

Do you ride a cool custom built scrambler or do you get it all hot at the sound of a big V-twin Harley, then the ladies motorcycle jackets in the Cruiser category are just right for you! These often leather jackets are very stylish and offer all the protection you need in case things go wrong somehow.

 Ladies motorcycle suits

Racing suits for women look of course very cool! Nothing is as safe as a leather race suit, combine that with a cool color and you are ready to hit the track! But even when you're taking to the mountain roads on a supersport, a one-piece leather suit for ladies will do the trick!

Motorcycle gloves for women

In general, women have smaller and narrower hands than men. Therefore, there are gloves on the market designed specifically for women with the right fit. Nevertheless, many motorcycle gloves are designed to have the perfect fit for both men and women, this is also mentioned in the description on our site.

 Motorcycle pants for women

Motorcycle pants is a category in which the influence of the fashion industry is very visible. For example, stretchy materials are used and more and more skinny fit motorcycle jeans are coming onto the market and even ones with high waists. There is a suitable pair of pants for every riding style, from waterproof Adventure pants to casual jeans. There are countless colors and flavors available, so plenty of opportunities to match your outfit with your motorcycle!

 Where can I buy ladies motorcycle clothing?

You can buy all of your motorcycle clothing at ChromeBurner. With the lowest price guarantee, you are assured that you never pay too much. If you still need help making a choice, please contact us by calling +1 646 770 1993 or sending an email to Feel free to send us a message to get personal advice from our colleagues!