Bowtex protective underlayers, what is it?

We dive deeper into Bowtex motorcycle clothing. What does Bowtex have in its range and when do you wear it? You can read about it here!

Bowtex underwear for motorcyclists

Bowtex is a Belgian developer and manufacturer of hard-wearing underlayers for motorcyclists. Bowtex started when a small group of motorcyclists were looking for a way to ride safely and well protected, without sacrificing style and comfort. Founder Robert came up with the idea of developing hard-wearing undergarments that you could wear comfortably under your own normal casual clothing. In doing so, Bowtex always looks for the golden mean between comfort and safety. At Bowtex it is important to them that their ecological impact is as low as possible, so the fabrics used are from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and the entire production also takes place in Europe, to be precise in a specialized workshop in Portugal.

What is Bowtex motorcycle clothing made of?

Their range is narrow, but well thought out and very widely used for and by all different types of motorcyclists. At the moment, the Bowtex lineup consists of 3 products, at two different levels in terms of protection. Let's start with the product that made Bowtex famous: the Bowtex Essential Legging. These leggings, immediately recognizable by its yellow color, have as their main ingredient a fabric made of 45% Dupont™ Kevlar® and 55% COOLMAX®. The Kevlar layer provides the necessary abrasion resistance and the addition of COOLMAX® ensures a high degree of wearing comfort. This abrasion-resistant fabric is located on all critical areas of the pants. In the areas where fall damage is virtually impossible, such as in the crotch and knee areas, a strong, comfortable and elastic polyamide fabric is used. Thanks to this construction and with the included, flexible SAS-TEC® TRIPLEFLEX knee pads, the Bowtex Essential Legging as a whole has been awarded the CE level A mark. However, the yellow fabric on the critical areas is level AA approved in terms of abrasion resistance!

Bowtex LeggingsBowtex Leggings
Bowtex LabelBowtex Label

How safe are the Bowtex Standard R Legging and Shirt?

Do you want to be even safer on the road? Then you can opt for the Bowtex Standard R products. In addition to leggings, a shirt is also available from this series. These are easily recognized by the black color. Thanks to the black color and the chic finish you can also wear the Bowtex Standard R Legging and Shirt on their own, which is especially useful when the weather is good because thanks to their X-panel construction they breathe exceptionally well! The black Standard R products have as the main layer 100% Dupont™ Kevlar® for maximum protection, with the same polyamide inserts as the Essential leggings for high wearing comfort. The main difference between the Bowtex Essential and the Bowtex Standard R is the seal of approval: the Standard R leggings and shirt are AA-rated due to their even more abrasion-resistant construction (the fabric is even AAA-rated!) and the fact that the pants include both hip and knee protectors and the shirt includes shoulder and elbow protectors. If you want, you can also add a back protector and a chest protector to the shirt.

Wondering how safe Bowtex underwear is?

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How to wear Bowtex motorcycle clothing?

In everyday use, all Bowtex products are the same: you wear them directly over your underwear and then put your own jeans, chinos, jogging pants, sweater, hoodie or shirt over them and you're ready to go! Bowtex products can just go with regular laundry so convenience rules in that area too!

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