Motorcycle communicationMotorcycle communication

What motorcycle communication set should you get and why?

Comparison between Cardo and Sena, and more! In this blog you’ll find out all about the different motorcycle communications systems available, their features, and why these features might matter to you.

Why do I need a bluetooth communication set while riding my motorcycle?

Our most important reason to use a motorcycle communication set is safety! A comms system helps you stay focused on the road ahead by connecting with your navigation system or phone to give you instructions for your route. On top of that you can use the system to make hands free calls and you can control your music without having to take out your phone. Another big reason is to keep connected, you can connect with your friends or passenger that ride along with you. This not only makes it a more social experience to ride your motorcycle, but also gives you some extra eyes and ears to help warn you for danger on the road.

What different types of motorcycle communication systems are there?

There are a lot of different motorcycle comm sets available on the market, there are universal communication systems but also sets specifically made to seamlessly integrate into your brands helmet, like AGV, Nolan, NEXX, Schuberth and others. These systems are very sleek and great if you don't want a system stuck to the side of your helmet. All of these sets have different features, that’s why we have listed the most important features to look for when you’re looking to purchase a system for yourself.

Cardo vs SenaCardo vs Sena

Cardo vs. Sena, the best motorcycle communications set manufacturers

The motorcycle communications systems these brands manufacture are considered the top of the line. These brands are game changers in how riders communicate and have continued to innovate their products, and add and improve features. Cardo and Sena both have models with all bells and whistles, but one let down for Sena is the lack of a waterproof label.

What specifications to look for in a motorcycle communication system

A good communication system will provide riders with easy communication with fellow riders or a passenger, with clear audio, over a substantial distance. On top of that it should be easy and intuitive to use. Read more about the different features below:

1. Connectivity

Your comms system can connect with a few things while riding, your friends riding along with you, your navigation system to get instructions without having to always look down and finally your phone, for listening to music or making hands free calls. Some sets even come with built-in features for FM radio and call-to-intercom capabilities. The two most important types of connectivity are bluetooth and DMC, or Dynamic Mesh Communication. The latter allows much more range and a bigger network of riders.

2. Maximum range

To stay in contact with your compadres during your adventures it’s good to know if a communication set has enough range for your needs. Intercom ranges vary from 400 meters (a quarter mile) for the lower end systems to up to 8 kilometers (5 miles) for higher end models equipped with DMC.

3. Battery life

Not much can be said about battery life besides the convenience a longer battery life gives you. Look for the talk time, standby time and charging time as indicators for good battery specs.


4. Audio quality

Audio quality in helmet communication systems has come a long way over the years. But it’s still a bit of a pain point for some. Our advice: replace the speakers that come with your system with upgrades from manufacturers or the aftermarket if you’re not satisfied, always wear hearing protection though, since wind noise is a silent killer for your hearing. You could even buy some hearing protection with integrated audio.

5. Other features to look for in a motorcycle comms set

Some other features you can look out for in communications systems are their waterproof rating, audio/song sharing, smart features like automatic volume or voice assistant and the always important warranty length.

How to choose the best motorcycle helmet intercom

The first step is to know which features are most important to you, are you going to use all of the features. For example, are you going to use the set to communicate with a small group of 2-3 riders or are you going out riding with all of your friends. Do you need to have good waterproofing because you’re an all season rider or do you not need that cause you only ride in good weather. Later in this blog we have listed some of the most important features in our eyes.

Step two is defining your price range, do you want to get the best bang for your buck, go all out on features or do you have a set price limit and will you have to pass on some good features. Communication sets are mostly within the €80 to €350 price range for a single system, and there are some great deals on duo packs.

The third and final step is to find the system that matches the criteria you’ve set in the first two steps. Some last things to keep in mind while choosing a system, check with your buddies which system they use and which system can connect to it.

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