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What is Kappa?

The Kappa brand has a rich history. In 1956, Paolo Vettore started the Kappa brand, which immediately became successful thanks to an eye for detail and innovation. The practical and technical products that he brought onto the market were an immediate success. But the big turning point came in 1991, when Giuseppe Visenzi, a former MotoGP champion and founder of the Givi brand, took over the then called Cappa company. With that, the name change to Kappa also took place.

Why choose Kappa?

Since then, their expansion drive has been unstoppable and thanks to research, passion, dedication and the urge to improve, their products remain of high quality and countless satisfied motorcyclists ride around with Kappa bags and cases. The experts at Kappa design a range of accessories specifically for your type of motorcycle. So every motorcyclist is provided with the best material according to high quality standards.

On the road with optimal comfort and plenty of luggage

For more than 60 years Kappa has focused on improving the comfort and safety of motorcyclists by means of various luggage solutions. Kappa contributes passionately, with many innovative solutions and quality materials to a perfect experience for every motorcyclist. Whether you ride long or short distances, you will definitely want to take luggage with you. Expand your luggage options with the different types of bags and cases from Kappa and go out with all your necessities. Choose from a wide range of motorcycle backpacks, saddlebags or rolling bags for virtually any type of motorcycle.

Striving for continuous improvement

The brand has full dedication to developing products with passion and attention to detail. To ensure that valuable information is continuously provided to improve the products, K-LAB tests and analyzes Kappa products to the utmost. They constantly propose new solutions and ensure improvement.

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Why buy at ChromeBurner?

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