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Roof Boxer - Two Decades of History-Making Designs

Founded in 1993, it didn’t take Roof long to become one of the most trusted names in the safety helmet industry. The French company was founded by one of the most brilliant minds in the motorcycling world: Claude Morin. Morin, a former pilot, was the first person to use composite materials to create a motorbike chassis. He used his creativity, knowledge, and innovative ideas to design the Roof Boxer, one of the most groundbreaking helmets ever designed. Boxer, being a helmet that offers the dual advantage of open face freedom and full-face protection, made the company one of the leading helmet manufacturers. While the Roof Boxer has become an iconic design, other lineups have also been popular among riders around the world. Other lineups from Roof include: Roadster, Rebel, Sphair, and Bamboo.

Brand Vision – Engineered Excellence and Dynamic Design

Since the company was founded by a pilot, Roof is dedicated to perfectly engineered designs that offer the best performance. It focuses on designs that improve aerodynamic factors of the helmet. However, Roof does an excellent job avoiding extravagant styling. Instead, they go for simplistic, practical, and highly reliable designs. The reliability is doubled by Roof’s choice of material for their helmets. Their lids are made from high quality fiber glass composite material. Moreover, the shells are engineered to provide maximum safety and shock absorbing properties. The company is dedicated to research and innovation in the industry. Roof Helmets have the privilege of boasting a number of industry’s firsts. For instance, Roof Boxer was the first lid with a 180 degree rotating chin bar as well as a controlled aerodynamic configuration. So, if you are a rider with great regards for quality, performance, and the environment, Roof has the right kind of lid waiting for you.