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Shoei motorcycle helmets

Shoei is one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to motorcycle helmets. For years they have been making helmets that are appreciated by many motorcyclists. That is why we are regularly told: "Once a Shoei, always a Shoei."

What is Shoei?

Shoei is a Japanese company that has been making helmets since it was founded in 1954. At first not for motorcycles, but safety helmets for builders and mountaineers. Nevertheless, it wasn’t much later when motorcycle helmets were made by Shoei. Less than 5 years later, people were racing with Shoei helmets and Shoei started making helmets with the JIS standard, which was a safety standard in Japan at the time.

In the following periods, Shoei became pretty much the largest helmet manufacturer in the world! With sales markets such as America and Europe, that could not fail to happen. Since then, Shoei has clearly acquired the image of a quality brand.

Why would you want a Shoei helmet?

There are several reasons why you should choose a Shoei helmet. One of these is when you hold a Shoei helmet. It looks and feels like a premium product. Discovering such a product makes the experience even more enjoyable. By realizing that Shoei has ever made the first helmet with ventilation, you will look differently at how this is done with the current Shoei helmet series. This brings us directly to the second reason why you should go for a Shoei helmet: the determination of a company to keep innovating products. This innovation has also led to the production of the first helmet made of carbon. This used to be a true revolution, where we now find this normal. But Shoei came up with it and implemented it.

Shoei is also an honest company. The factory is still in Japan and has not moved to a country where production could be less expensive. Why? Shoei has had the philosophy for years: quality over quantity. Every step in the production process is thoroughly checked. There is therefore a very small chance that a helmet with a production failure will leave the factory!

Which Shoei helmets are there?

Shoei also has different helmets for all different riding styles. They each serve a different purpose that fits the wishes associated with the riding style. Do you have a supersport, then you need a helmet that is aerodynamically well put together. While a motocross rider wants an ultra-light helmet that he can use with motocross goggles. The rider who mainly rides on the street on a naked bike needs a helmet that fits well with the upright position you have on the bike. Are you on the bike every day or are you a touring rider? Then a Shoei modular helmet is probably the best choice for you. Shoei has a suitable helmet in every category!

Buying a Shoei helmet from ChromeBurner

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