Get ready for your motorcycle holiday!Get ready for your motorcycle holiday!

Get ready for your motorcycle holiday!

Are you ready for a new adventure and do you want to broaden your horizon by exploring new areas? Then grab your camping gear and get on your motorcycle! But, wait a minute... camping with a motorcycle?! Can you really take that much with you? What gear is essential? What to look out for? In this blog, we'll answer your questions so you can make the best of your first motorcycle camping trip!

The Basics

One of the first questions that pops up when you think of a motorcycle vacation is how do I take all that stuff with me? Even if you don't have a tour or adventure motorcycle, there are plenty of ways to take your luggage with you. One of the most budget-friendly and simplest ways is to strap a duffle bag to your buddy seat with the super handy Rok straps. These straps are specifically designed for use on the motorcycle. Because there are no hooks on them, these straps won't leave scratches on your bike.

If you are looking for bags specifically designed for motorcycles or bags with lots of features, there are several types of bags and cases available. In our luggage blog you will find everything you need to know about how to take your luggage with you on your motorcycle

The basics - luggageThe basics - luggage
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The packing list

In addition to the usual camping gear, such as a tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag, there are other items that will come in handy during your trip. With camping gear getting more compact and lighter every year, it’s becoming easier to bring them on your motorcycle.

So is this Expedition Tent from Spidi. With a weight of only 4.2 kg, this tent is specially designed for motorcyclists. The tent has a special waterproof storage compartment, where you can neatly store your motorcycle gear.

Since you'll be wearing your motorcycle gear for most of the day, a few summer clothes and a warm sweater for the cold evenings will go a long way. Don't forget to add some good base layers to your outfit, especially if you expect to mainly ride in warm climates. The right undergarments will help you regulate temperature, wick away sweat and keep you feeling fresh, without being bothered by unpleasant odors.

Other items that will make your trip a little more luxurious are a folding chair and a mini gas stove. This way you can enjoy the sunrise in your chair with a cup of coffee. What a way to start the day!

Tip from our colleague Sebastiaan: ''Think about what you want to bring and halve that. Seriously, carrying around too many things you don't use is incredibly annoying. You want to travel light."

Don't forget

During your vacation, you won't always have the ability to use power. A powerful powerbank offers the solution. It allows you to charge your electronics several times before you reach another power point to recharge the power bank. There are also power banks available that allow you to jumpstart your motorcycle, such as the Fulbat Fulboost. If your battery dies unexpectedly, the Fulboost will get your bike started again in no time.

Also, we recommend taking a set of tools with you. Some unexpected maintenance may be needed, especially when traveling to remote areas. To be able to do most repairs yourself, you can think of tools to get your wheels off, a tire repair kit (and pump!), tie-wraps, duct tape, a roll of wire, a socket wrench or ratchet with some caps, combination pliers and fuses. A small handful of bolts and nuts in the most common sizes takes up almost no space, but can certainly come in handy too!

Finally, a first aid kit is a must-have. There are special compact kits available for the road, which contain the most important items in case of emergency. It is also wise to put something in your first aid kit against insect bites, such as sting relief gel. There is nothing more annoying than a wasp that ends up in your helmet while riding!

Tip: Basically, you can go on vacation with any motorcycle, but make sure your bike is completely in order beforehand. Is the tire pressure correct? Are the brake pads still good or are they already worn out? Is the chain tension correct and is it lubricated? If you know that your motorcycle is in good condition, you will be carefree and have fun on the road!

Don't forget to pack thisDon't forget to pack this

When you take these points into consideration, you will be in for a great adventure. Unexpected situations can always happen though. Is the weather not great? Then you can always opt for a (motor) hotel. In Europe, especially on the famous motorcycle routes, there are a multitude of good (motor) hotels to be found. Is the thought of a whole camping holiday daunting? Then you can always start small with a one-night trip. Then you know what works (or not) for you, so you’re ready for the bigger stuff. But above all, do not forget to enjoy the ride!