REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection

10 highlights of the new REV'IT! 2021 collection

The well-known Dutch motorcycle clothing brand REV'IT! has launched their new 2021 collection. Since we are big fans of REV'IT! and their new collection, we would like to show you our 10 top products of this new collection. Read on and find out what motorcycle garments make our hearts beat faster!

Who, what, why REV'IT!?

REV'IT, the original Dutch motorcycle clothing company, is known for its core values: innovation, great design and focus on performance. It's no surprise that REV'IT! has become immensely popular over the last years. REV'IT! offers motorcycle apparel for every riding style like racing suits for the speed junkies, equipped with the latest technology. For the adventures all weather clothing and a great all new dirt collection for the die hard offroad rider! Our top picks for the 2021 collection are listed below.

REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection

REV’IT! Race/Urban sport

For the sportier rider among us, the new Quantum 2 collection is one to die for (not literally of course). The new design is daring, but in our opinion very successful. Is it time to change your old one for a brand new one-piece suit? Or do you just want to look like a badass during your daily walk with the dog? Either way, the Quantum 2 one-piece suit (available soon) is for you! This suit incorporates technology that is frequently used in motorsports. With BETAC shoulder, arm and knee protection, you are equipped with one of the best protection materials available today. Combine this suit with the new Quantum 2 gloves (available soon) out of the same collection for ultimate protection! These gloves do not only look sexy, but also have all the safety you would expect from a racing glove

REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection

While a one-piece leather suit is the safest option available in terms of protection, we understand that riders also like to opt for convenience. With the REV'IT! Quantum Pro Air 2, you combine safety with convenience and looks! REV'IT! has not only given the jacket a style update, but has also equipped it with the new PWR Fuse Air Mesh Technology. In short, this ensures that the air circulation is even better than before! Very nice of course, on those bloody hot summer days where extra ventilation is a nice welcome in a leather motorcycle jacket.. a glove that matches the jacket perfectly would be the new Metric glove. It has knuckle protection, can operate touch screens and also circulates air nicely around your hands.

Forget your Nike and Adidas sneakers, the new REV’IT! Astro is not only the perfect motorcycle shoe, but is also comfortable when you are not on the bike. Because of the OrthoLite X40 sole, you will experience walking comfort like you are used to from your normal sneakers.Besides that it looks cool, is it the perfect addition to any casual sporty REV'IT! outfit!

REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection

REV’IT! Offroad

Are you a true offroad enthusiast and do you love a challenge? Then the REV'IT! Proteus Jacket is a must-have, this protection vest is specially designed for the offroad rider. The jacket features CE-level 1 protection in the chest area and CE-level 2 protection on the shoulders, back and elbow. So you can be sure of being safe on your adventure. A first for REV'IT! is the Rough Jersey. This was an exclusive for pro riders, but due to high demand, REV'IT! has made this jersey available to us as well, which we are very happy about!

As an offroad rider, it is of course important that your entire outfit can withstand the conditions you love to ride into. The new Peninsula offroad pants are made specifically for this purpose. Equipped with the best materials that ensure you are protected in style and comfortable to enjoy your offroad adventures!

REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection

Our personal favorite in the REV'IT! Dirt collection is the Smock Blackwater. The Smock Blackwater offroad jacket from REV'IT! is lightweight, yet completely waterproof. This jacket is perfect to wear over the Proteus protection jacket mentioned above. The jacket is unique because of the way you put it on, because it needs to be pulled over your head. Something we haven't seen before with motorcycle clothing. As far as we're concerned, this jacket is a real eye-catcher and would not be out of place in the collection of a true adventurer on two wheels!

REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection

REV’IT! Ladies

Never before have so many women ridden motorcycles. More and more we see motorcycle clothing brands releasing collections specifically for women, and so does REV'IT! They do this for different riding styles. One of them is the Adventure collection. With the Sand 4, REV'IT! makes its adventure jackets even better than the previous generation. The female adventurer can now also turn to REV'IT! for a jacket and pants that are more tailored to the woman's body. The Sand 4 H2O Ladies is fully waterproof and has different linings to allow you to put together the perfect jacket in various conditions. You'll also find the necessary protection and pockets, and the adjustment options are endless!

Also take a look at the Urban Ladies collection with cool new designs and of course the welcome improvements over previous models!

REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection


And that's it, our top picks from the new REV'IT! collection. Every motorcyclist can express their personality with the REV'IT! 2021 collection. Do you have questions about the products listed or about other products within this collection? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you answer your questions! Send us an email to or call us directly at +31 73 200 80 20.

REV'IT! 2021 collectionREV'IT! 2021 collection

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