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5 tips for staying cool in summer!

Summer is in full swing, which means lots of sun and warm temperatures. While it's great to tour your motorbike, it can also get very hot at times. In this blog we share 5 tips that can help you stay cool even on the hottest days.

1. Stay hydrated!

During hot summer days, it is always important to drink enough water. Of course, this also applies during your ride. In order not to have to stop every few minutes, there is a suitable solution, namely a drinking pack!

Depending on the type of pack you can store it in your suit/jacket, hump or backpack. The drinking straw is then attached to your helmet (but you need to have a cut-out for it to fit), so you can drink hands-free.

In our assortment we have different drinking bags from Spidi such as the Spidi Hydroback touring

Spidi HydrobackSpidi Hydroback
Motorcycle jacketMotorcycle jacket

2. Wear a vented jacket 

It can be tempting to forsake a motorcycle jacket when temperatures are high, but we strongly advise against it. Luckily there a lots of summer motorcycle jackets that have a lot of airflow. Made from mesh and light materials, these jackets allow the wind to blow through, keeping you cool on hot days. We recommend wearing these ventilated jackets when temperatures are above 25°C/77°F, otherwise it can get very chilly on your bike.

3. Consider a cooling vest

When the heat is almost too much, you might need a little extra help to keep you cool. Cooling vests are perfect for this. There are different kinds of cooling vests, namely, cooling vests that you need to activate by soaking it in water and vests that have water pockets that you need to fill up beforehand. Most cooling vests stay cool for up to 8 hours so you can stay cool all day long during long rides.  

The Hybrid cooling vest by Macna is easy to use. This vest needs to activated in water so that the water is sucked into the vest. Macna Cool packs can also be fitted in this vest for other cooling purposes.

Base layerBase layer

4. Go for ventilated gear

Since you need different kinds of equipment when riding your motorcycle, it is important to make sure that this is as comfortable as possible during the ride. So for hot days, thick and heavy clothing can be a real hindrance.

When it comes to helmets, for example, you can look for extra-light helmets, made of carbon. It is also important to wear a helmet with sufficient ventilation. On hot days this can only be an advantage when the air in the helmet is able to circulate.

For a jacket or pair of trousers, it is advisable to opt for plenty of ventilation as well. This can be done by using perforated pieces or, for example, ventilation zippers. You'll sweat less and therefore feel less warm.

5. Ice cream, please!

Our last tip, but certainly not least, is to cool down in between rides when you are not on your bike. Plan plenty of fun stops at local ice cream parlors so you can enjoy a delicious, well-deserved and cooling ice cream. We can't wait to get on our bikes and discover the tastiest ice cream flavors!