Black Friday Deals 2022Black Friday Deals 2022

The best Black Friday promotions for every driving style!

This year again, we have the sharpest Black Friday Deals waiting for you. There are plenty of deals for every riding style and this varies in different items that will make motorcycling even more fun for you. Thus, we have laid out the coolest deals from each riding style.

Point 65/Boblbee

One of our Black Friday deals is the discount on a Point 65/Boblbee backpack. The discount is a whopping 20%. This backpack has a protected hardshell and is a back and gear protector in one. This backpack protects all your valuables and has an impact reduction of up to 93%. It is even CE-Level 2 approved. 

The Boblbee backpacks are full of special features. With the organiser on the inside, your belongings are easily and properly stored. The secure closure mechanism lets you take your ride safely and dry. This backpack also provides support for stability and reduces the carrying weight. The weight is distributed across the entire back, literally taking a load off your shoulders.

In short, this Point 65/Boblbee backpack is an ideal item for motorcyclists who prefer long rides. With this backpack, not only your gear is protected but also your back itself. Have you become enthusiastic? Order this Boblbee backpack from us with a whopping 20% discount!

FLY Racing 

FLY Racing is a typical brand for motocrossers. They sell many different items from head to toe. You can find helmets, jerseys, motocross trousers, motocross boots, gloves and much more. 

In our range, we also have motocross boots from FLY Racing. These boots are specially designed to be used during off-road and MX rides. We have 2 types, namely the FR5 and the Maverik boot. For this great brand for true crossers, we have a nice 20% discount on FLY Racing items.

HJC RPHA 11 Carnage

This beautiful HJC RPHA 11 helmet with Carnage design is now on sale with 25% discount. This helmet is a true Race/Sport helmet. The structure of the shell is aerodynamically designed to achieve your maximum speed. This helmet is also quite light so it is not stressful during your ride. There are also several safety mechanisms on the helmet, such as cheek pads with emergency release, a Double-D closure and ACS system. 

Are you a real speed demon? And are you still looking for a suitable helmet with a cool design? Then this helmet is ideal for you and it also has a 25% discount.

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-TexSidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex


For the retro and cruiser riders among us, we also have a promotion with Rokker products. Namely, this Black Friday weekend you will get 25% discount on Rokker's collection. Rokker is a true Chopper/ Retro brand and has 14 years of experience in this field. Its gear is designed in Switzerland and produced in Europe. This stylish brand mainly sells clothing, shoes and gloves. 

If we had to single out one product from Rokker, it would be the Rokkertech trousers. These trousers come in different types and colours. For instance, there are variations of lengths and fits. Apart from the cool look of these motorbike jeans, they are also protective. These trousers are CE approved and level: AA allowing you to hit the road safely and stylishly.


As a true Adventure/Touring rider, Hero is a brand to recommend. This brand has lots of items that really suit this style of riding. For example, we have a super cool motorbike jacket, the Hakuna II. This jacket is versatile and available in different colours. This jacket is made for all weather conditions. For example, it is warm in winter, waterproof and has plenty of ventilation during hot days. With Held, you are guaranteed a comfortable ride in all weathers.

Coincidentally, we also included Held's items this Black Friday. There is a 20% discount on Held's items. So you can complete your outfit at a competitive price!

REV’IT! Sand 4REV’IT! Sand 4

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