Ins & Outs of FootwearIns & Outs of Footwear

The Ins & Outs of Footwear

Every riding style has different demands when it comes to shoes and boots. Which pair of motorcycle footwear suits you best? Find out below and check out our collection.

Racing boots for the racers and sport riders

Is speed your middle name and do you prefer to ride on the track? Then racing boots are a must. Since the risk of accidents is high, racing boots are designed to offer the best protection in case of a crash on tarmac.

Racing boots often have a (replaceable) toe slider and are provided with a brace on the inside or outside. This reduces the chance of a broken ankle in case of a crash. Racing boots also have extra protection on the toes, ankles, heel and shin.

The Dainese Axial boots are very popular among racers and sports riders.

Dainese bootsDainese boots
Alpinestars Tech10Alpinestars Tech10

Motocross boots for the MX and off-road riders

Do you have a dirt bike or enduro bike and do you feel at home on your bike in the sand, at the MX track or in the woods? Then off-road boots are the ones for you. Motocross boots are extra strong and solid and provide optimal protection in any off-road situation.

The main features of MX-boots are a reinforced sole (so you won’t bend your foot), extra reinforcements on the toes and heel, and impact absorbing parts on the shin. Some off-road boots have a hinged system to ensure that your foot cannot rotate, while still allowing enough freedom of movement.

When riding off-road your legs and feet are constantly at work. Fit is therefore essential, because a boot that does not fit properly can cause a lot of discomfort. When fitting, always make sure that the boot does not press on places that will bother you later.

The Alpinestars Tech 10 boots is an example of boots especially designed for motocross.

Adventure and Touring boots for the adventurers and long-distance riders

Do you like adventure and can you ride your motorcycle for days on end? Then comfortable boots are very important. Boots in the adventure/touring segment are available in different heights, materials and sizes. What makes the boot comfortable is different for everyone.

You can make a choice between tall and shorts boots. The advantage of the taller models is that they offer protection up to your shin. In addition, a taller model is recommended if you like to wear your pants in your boots. A short adventure/touring boot, on the other hand, you can put on quickly and easily and looks sporty.

Another thing to also consider when looking for adventure and touring boots is the ability to keep your feet dry. When riding long distances in different climates, it’s inevitable it's inevitable that you end up in a downpour sometimes. ChromeBurner advises you in this case to look at boots with a Gore-Tex membrane.

The Sidi Adventure 2 might be an interesting solution to conquer long distances.

Touring bootsTouring boots
Vintage bootsVintage boots

Boots with a vintage look for the cruisers and retro riders

Do you long for that sense of freedom every time you get on your motorcycle? And do you love character and style? For all the enthusiasts, chopper riders, custom and vintage motorcycle riders we have the cruiser category.

With the boots in this category you can match your outfit with your bike in no time. The boots are characterized by the vintage look and are often made of leather, mostly in cognac brown, dark brown or black. This makes it very easy to ride around in style and then enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at a café.

Although the cruiser motorcycle boots look retro, they do offer the contemporary protection you can expect. The majority of boots in this category have protection in the toes, heels and ankles.

The Rokker Urban Rebel shoes are an eyecatcher, and offer a lot more protection than regular sneakers.

Shoes and sneakers for the casual riders

Are you looking for motorcycle shoes that don’t show you just got off your bike? Then the shoes in this category are the ones for you. Ideal for the casual riders, city dwellers, commuters and riders who like to ride short distances and then have other plans for the rest of the day.

The casual motorcycle shoes in the collection of ChromeBurner protect your feet and ankles, and look stylish at the same time. In addition to offering protection, these shoes also offer comfort due to the high freedom of movement, which makes it no problem to wear them all day long, for example during a day at work.

REV'IT! motorcycle shoes are not only stylish, they also offer protection and comfort. 

Casual motorcycle sneakersCasual motorcycle sneakers

Whatever your need, such as safety in the event of a high-speed crash or comfort so you can wear the shoes all day long, ChromeBurner has you covered. We only sell certified motorcycle boots and shoes, so that you are always assured of your safety, but at the same time walk and ride in style. Curious about our collection? You can find our Footwear here.