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The best adventure/touring helmets of 2022

Summer is almost here again, which means it's going to be the perfect time to go motorcycling. Before you go, it's important to make sure you have the necessary equipment. When you hit the road, a comfortable and safe helmet is of paramount importance. This blog shows you the best adventure/touring helmets in our range.

Schuberth C5

If you're going to spend a day touring, it's no luxury to have a comfortable helmet. The new Schuberth C5 offers a lot of quality as you have come to expect from Schuberth. It is a worthy successor to the C3 pro. The C5 helmet meets the new ECE 22.06 safety requirements which also means that it is double P/J approved. This means that you may ride with both an open and closed chin guard. This makes the C5 an ideal multipurpose touring helmet where comfort is important. This system helmet is made of a fiberglass shell with a carbon layer. The carbon layer provides improved shock absorption and makes the helmet lighter. Since this year Schuberth launches the new ''Individual Concept'' which gives you the possibility to buy a top padding so that you can customize the fit. This helmet is also prepared for the new SC2 communication systemso that you can communicate with your co-driver(s). In short, with all these options, this system helmet is ideal for a comfortable tour on your motorcycle.

Touring HelmetsTouring Helmets
Nexx X.Wed2Nexx X.Wed2


This helmet is ideal for the real adventure riders. The X.Wed2 of NEXX is known for its many options and possibilities. So this helmet is also called the Swiss army knife within the range. This adventure helmet is equipped with lots of ventilation so that the heat can escape. The helmet also has an emergency release system so that the cheek pads can be easily removed if necessary. Also, the X.Wed2 comes with a visor, an integral sun visor, and a peak with extender which allows the peak to be extended for any splashing mud or sand. To always stay in contact, this X.Wed2 helmet is also prepared for the X-COM communication system from NEXX. This adventure helmet also includes a preparation for a camelbag for drinking during the ride and the fiberglass version of this helmet also has several go pro mounts so you can record your ride. This helmet is a true adventure helmet, but is also good to use on a paved road with all the options this helmet offers.

X-lite X-1005 Ultra Carbon

X-lite's modular helmet, the X-1005 ultra carbon, is highly recommended. It is permitted to ride with an open and closed chin guard as it is double P/J approved. The unique thing about this helmet is that when the chin guard is open, the chin box lowers a little bit and is, therefore, closer to the helmet. This feature makes the helmet more aerodynamic during your ride. The X-1005 is entirely made of carbon which makes it extremely light. The outer shells of this helmet is available in 3 sizes going from XXS through 2XL, which is also not every helmet has as standard.

It is a worthy successor to the Nolan N-105 which has almost the same specifications. The X-lite helmet is just a bit fancier and has a premium interior. This is partly due to the Liner Positioning Control (LPC) system, which allows for a more customized fit. In the helmet is a loop at the back of the interior which can be tightened to your liking. The X-1005 ultra carbon is also prepared for an N-COM communication system. In other words, this system helmet allows you to cover long distances with a safe and comfortable feeling.

X-Lite X-1005X-Lite X-1005
LS2 MX701LS2 MX701

LS2 MX701

This new adventure helmet from LS2 the MX701 Explorer is very versatile and also very well priced. This helmet is available in a fiberglass and carbon variant, which is even lighter. Also, this helmet is ECE 22.05 and DOT approved, which means that this helmet is allowed throughout Europe but also in America. This adventure helmet is equipped with a visor and an integral sun visor. The visor is easy to remove, attach or change without the use of tools. The rugged look makes it look like a real adventure helmet, but it can also be used on paved roads. This helmet is also known for it's good ventilation properties, there are 5 intake ports and 2 exhaust ports keeping your head cool. The LS2 MX701 Explorer gives you a real premium feeling while on the other hand being very sharply priced!

Are you a real adventure/touring rider? Then these helmets are definitely for you!

Is it not quite what you are looking for? Check out our whole range of adventure/touring helmets or contact our customer service if there are any questions!