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How do Italian clothing brands excel in their craftsmanship?

When you are looking for a new motorcycle outfit, you will soon find out that there are all kinds of motorcycle clothing for sale from numerous brands, and that there is often a big difference in price, quality, design, and the materials used in it. If you are looking for stylish designs and high quality, then Italian motorcycle brands are the right choice! Besides pizza and the beautiful stelvio pass, this is what Italy renowned for. The major Italian motorcycle brands Dainese and Alpinestars are all based in the same corner of Italy and have been providing stylish and safe motorcycle clothing for years. In this blog, we discuss the characteristics of the different Italian motorcycle clothing brands and we look at the differences so you can get stylish and safe on your bike this summer!


Alpinestars was founded in 1963 by the Italian leather trader Sante Mazzarolo in the small northern Italian town of Asolo. Around 1960 the then still new sport motocross was becoming popular throughout Europe. Sante Mazzarolo saw this trend and decided to take his chance and used his technical skills to design a shoe that would give protection to this new risky sport.

Today, Alpinestars is one of the biggest brands in the motorcycle gear industry and has been known for their stylish leather race suits for many years. What else would you expect from an Italian brand, as Italians know better than anyone how to make clothing that is made of high quality and extremely fashionable. The Italian brand can be recognised by the A logo (high quality). Alpinestars offers products in many different categories such as urban, touring, sport and street. You can also go to Alpinestars for beautiful designs on motorcycle suits, individual motorcycle jacketsjeans and gloves. Because Alpinestars has a large and diverse range, there is something for everyone. Furthermore, Alpinestars products are known for their high quality, high safety standards and comfortable fit!

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If you are a Valentino Rossi fan, you definitely want to try out the Dainese motorbike clothing! The popular motorcyclist has linked his name to this Italian brand. Dainese does not only excel in their stylish designs and high quality, but also in the safety of their motorcycle clothing. They have for sure used Rossi's experiences for it. Dainese belongs to one of the biggest and most popular motorcycle clothing brands in the world. The success of Dainese is not only due to the fact that Valentino Rossi is connected with the brand. But mainly because of the contemporary stylish design, safety and particularly high quality of Dainese. The items are designed and tested for use on the street and the circuit. The motorcycle clothing collection of Dainese is therefore suitable for all types of motorcyclists.

In the 90s, Barry sheene (motorcycle road racer) asked for better protection for his back after another hard fall. The team of Dainese started working on his question and developed the revolutionary back protector. The idea of a shield was derived from the shell of a lobster. But that is not all, Dainese continues to innovate and has once again introduced a revolutionary product to the market. It concerns gloves and boots which you wear underneath your motorbike suit. These products are part of the in-line series of Dainese.

The leather suits of Dainese are equipped with the maximum protection level and the textile motorbike clothing has several distinctive features with their blow-through clothing being the most special. The collection further consists of Base layers and motorbike jeans.


Spidi was originally an Italian producer of motorcycle gloves for racing. However, the development of Spidi has not stood still, and they have expanded its range to a large collection of motorcycle apparel. Spidi nowadays has motorbike suits, motorbike trousers, motorbike jackets, motorbike jeans, and of course still the well-known motorcycle gloves. Spidi is a relatively new and small brand compared to Alpinestars and Dainese but is well on its way to competing with them.

Spidi is known for its passion for design, technology, and speed. But above all, it is responsible for creating products that solve the problems of motorcyclists. In addition, Spidi gives all motorcyclists confidence. Spidi clothing offers protection, comfort, style, and ease of use. If you want solid clothing with Italian flair then Spidi is the right place to go!

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