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Most motorcycling gear is initially designed for men therefore Motogirl started in 2015 making a change in this industry. The company made its mission to manufacture motorcycle clothing for women and made by women only. Currently the company is still run by women only and the whole assortment is designed to the wants and needs for women that like driving a bike. Over the years motorcycling for women has become more and more popular. Since the launch of 2015 the company has become a well-known brand that is known for high quality and optimal customer service.

Unique and specialized for women

Are you always struggling finding the right size for your biker outfit? This is mostly due to that most apparel for motorcycling is initially designed for men. Therefore it's hard for women to find the right outfit to start the adventure on the road.

Motogirl makes a change in this industry through a groundbreaking concept that since 2015 has gained more and more interest. Motogirl designs and delivers motorcycling clothing in all women sizes, for women only. The sizes vary a lot so no biking women ever has to drive on the road without a perfect fit.

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When you buy your Motogirl gear at ChromeBurner, you benefit from a number of our unique services. We offer worldwide shipping for all orders over. This shipping is really fast, too: all orders placed in time will be shipped on the same day. This way you can enjoy your Motogirl gear as quickly as possible. On top of our great customer service, we guarantee the lowest prices. This means that, in combination with the sharpest prices, you never pay too much for your gear. Can’t decide which Motogirl gear you the best? Do not hesitate to send us a message: our specialists are happy to help you with finding the perfect Motogirl gear.

Spend AU $475 and we pay for shipping!