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AGV K6 Pinlock Color Insert
AU$ 50 46 AU$ 63 08
AU$ 50 46 AU$ 63 08
AGV City 17 Pinlock Insert Protectint
AU$ 34 90 AU$ 84 11
Shark D-Skwal 2 Clear Pinlock V2 - 120
AU$ 18 88 AU$ 20 97
AGV AX9 Clear Pinlock
AU$ 56 08 AU$ 70 10
AGV AX9 Light Smoke Pinlock
AU$ 34 90 AU$ 70 10
AGV AX9 Dark Smoke Pinlock
AU$ 34 90 AU$ 70 10
AGV AX9 Yellow Pinlock
AU$ 34 90 AU$ 70 10
AGV AX9 Protectint Pinlock
AU$ 89 73 AU$ 112 16
Pinlock Color Insert AGV Sportmodular (XXS-L)
AU$ 50 46 AU$ 63 08
Schuberth C3 Pro Clear Pinlock
AU$ 50 40 AU$ 56

13 Items

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Why should you get a Pinlock visor

Everyone knows that when the weather turns, and it starts to get colder you’ll find your visor fogging up like crazy. Riding with a fogged up visor is not only annoying, it is quite simply dangerous. You’ll end up cracking your visor open to see through the gap, only to lose vision again in a matter of minutes by tears welling up in your eyes from cold air that rushes onto you. The solution however is as simple as it is effective and it’s called a Pinlock. A Pinlock is essentially a flexible transparent plastic insert which you fit on the inside of your visor, making a fogged up visor or teary eyes a thing of the past.

Can I Use a Pinlock in my helmet?

The Pinlock is the brain child of Derek Arnold, an English man working in The Netherlands. Neither of those countries are particularly known for their tropical weather, and an anti-fog solution was basically nonexistent. When he first started selling his Pinlock’s, Customers had to drill the supports for it into their visor themselves. It has been over 20 years since the Pinlock was invented and it has since has been widely accepted to offer one of the best anti-fog solutions on the market. Nowadays, Almost all major Motorcycle helmet manufacturers like AGV, HJC and Schuberth prepare their helmets for a Pinlock, or better yet, include it in the box! If you are not sure, look for visors that have a ‘Pinlock Included’ or at least ‘Pinlock Prepared’. This ensures a fog free ride!

How does a Pinlock work?

The Pinlock is hydrophilic meaning that it absorbs moisture, and therefore simply won't fog up, not by your breath nor anything else. The Pinlock creates a seal on the insight of your visor and effectively creates a double glazing effect. This significantly decreases the difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of the visor. This means that also the visor itself is protected from forming any condensation and you are assured of a clear field of view.

What types of Pinlock are there?

Since the Pinlock was first introduced much has changed in the motorcycle industry, helmets and visors have undergone continuous development in safety and comfort. Therefore the Pinlock has evolved as well. Now there are 3 performance level variants, Pinlock 30, 70 and 120. The higher the number, the higher the levels of fog free clearance the lenses provide. Besides performance options, Pinlock lenses are offered in various colored options. The different options are, Light- and dark smoke, both are designed for sunny days, a yellow version which is designed to improve vision in low light and ProtecTINT which reacts to UV light by changing its tint from clear to light smoke. Lastly there is the MaxVison option, available in all performance levels and colors. It is used on max vision visors which are slightly larger and give you more view without the edge of the Pinlock in your vision.

Not quite sure which Pinlock to get? Contact our customer service at support@chromeburner.com or give them a call at 073 200 80 20 . They are happy to help you out!