How do you take your luggage with you on the motorcycle?

Motorcycling gives you a sense of freedom and is therefore a nice way to broaden your horizon. Motorcycle vacations are becoming more popular and offer an amazing opportunity to explore new routes. When hitting the road, it is of course important that you can easily take all your luggage with you. In the following blog, we’ll discover the different ways to carry your luggage, so you can go on your next adventure.


What kind of luggage can you take with you as a driver?

The most accessible way to take stuff with you is by using a backpack. A backpack offers only a limited amount of space and is therefore mainly suitable for commuting but also suffices when you go away for the weekend. Of course, it is possible to get your old backpack out of the attic, but there are also backpacks specifically for motorcycling. Motorcycle backpacks often have several adjustable straps that keep the bag firmly and comfortably on your back while riding and don't flap around in high winds. Motorcycle backbags are made to be aerodynamic so you experience less ''drag'' while riding. Some backpacks even have a hydrapak so you don't have to stop at the side of the road for a drink during longer rides or hot days. Furthermore, some backpacks come with a back protector which give you even better protection when you hit the road. A big disadvantage of a backpack, however, is that all the weight you take with you has to be carried by yourself, reducing your comfort. However, a backpack is useful because you do not have to take things out of your bike when you arrive at your destination.

For smaller purposes such as your phone or passport, there are also leg & waist bags available. These small bags are ideal for keeping important papers in when crossing the border or riding in the weekends.



What is a duffle bag?

If a backpack is not sufficient or if you want to transport more, a duffle bag could be a good option. A duffle bag can carry many types of luggage, such as clothing or tools. It is important not to exceed the maximum capacity of a duffle bag. If you do, the bag cannot be rolled up completely, making it difficult to keep the bag in place. A duffle bag is often fixed over the buddy seat with an elastic band or something similar so that you do not have to install an extra luggage rack. Furthermore, the advantage of a duffle bag is that it is mounted on the motorcycle so you don't have to lug your heavy stuff around on your body.



Why a motorcycle case?

The most common way to create extra luggage space is through a motorcycle case. There are two types under this category, top cases, and side cases. Top cases are ideal for storing a second helmet but can also be used for other types of luggage. The second possibility to carry extra luggage is with the help of side cases. It is important when you start riding to load the side cases somewhat evenly to maintain the balance of the motorcycle. A major advantage of hard motorcycle cases is that they are waterproof and almost always come with a lock. This allows hard cases to remain on the motorcycle in any season, making them ideal for daily use. In order not to make your motorcycle unnecessarily bulky and heavy, motorcycle cases are made of aluminum or plastic. A disadvantage of motorcycle cases is really.



Why saddlebags?

In addition to motorcycle cases, saddlebags also exist. These are mounted on the side of the motorcycle just like motorcycle cases. Saddlebags are often easier to mount than motorcycle cases. This is because saddlebags are attached with a strap that goes under the saddle and therefore do not require screws as with a motorcycle case. Another advantage of a motorcycle bag is that it often holds more than a hard case. This is because the soft exterior easily deforms. A disadvantage of a soft bag is that it is harder to lock and offers less protection against rain. However, this can easily be solved by using a dry bag. This is like a rain suit for your bags. A motorcycle bag also offers protection during a fall and can often be easily repaired. These features make saddlebags well suited for adventure touring riders.



Further questions?

All in all, there are many different ways to carry your luggage. It is important when making your choice that you think about whether you want something permanent like a suitcase or something flexible like a motorcycle backpack. Do you have any questions after reading this blog? Please visit our store or contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you.