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Exide batteries

The predecessor’s company, the electric storage battery company, was founded in 1888 by W.W. Gibbs. Since that time the company has been developing and launching groundbreaking power solutions for batteries and power networks. The batteries are that reliable that even during WWII U.S. Navy submarines, thanks and fleet vehicles were running on Exide batteries. Exide is constantly researching and developing new ways to improve the company’s products and processes. The batteries of Exide are used in power cars, golf cars, heavy duty vehicles, boats and even yachts.

Which Exide batteries should I buy?

Exide has a high quality standard in their products, in addition to this high standard the company also constantly tries to improve their products in terms of pollution reduction. Their goal is to make their batteries as efficient but also environmentally friendly as possible.

High quality Exide batteries

The company also is known for its high standards in terms of pollution reduction within their supply chain. From start to end product the company is constantly trying to find new ways to optimize and decrease the pollution. The company therefore is currently one of the largest secondary recyclers in the world. The company recycles 99% of all the lead they collect at their own manufactured recycling centers. In these centers there is recycled millions pounds of lead each year.

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