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Motorcycle clubs

You came to this page because you feel riding together is more fun than riding alone, right? We understand that being surrounded with people who have the same interests as you is something awesome. Can you spend hours with people talking about the Japanese four cylinder engines? Or are you riding across the country on your Harley’s? We find it awesome to interact with our audience and motorcycle clubs are a big part of it. It doesn’t matter how small or big your club is, we just like working with them. To give some guidance on a possible collaboration we’ve got you some things we can do for your club:

  • Monthly discounts for all club members

  • Partner newsletter with our monthly deals

  • At least once a year a location for one of your group rides. This will be at our store and can be the starting point, lunch stop or end point of your ride. We’ll provide coffee, tea and soft drinks and something to eat.

  • 10% extra discount on our entire collection (Sales category excluded)

  • Advertise in your club’s magazine as being a club sponsor.

We would like to have some exposure for it in return. We’re flexibel in our ‘demands’ and are open to suggestions. To give you some examples on what we could do to get this is:

  • A mention on your website with our logo referring to our website

  • An article to introduce ChromeBurner to your members on your website (if existing)

  • Once or twice a year a social media post about ChromeBurner.

We think it’s important that a collaboration doesn’t feel like an obligation, but that it’s supporting both parties in their activities.

so, are you the owner or a member of a motorcycle club and does a collaboration sounds good to you? Do not hesitate to give us a call on +31 73 200 80 20 or send an email to marketing@chromeburner.com.

At this moment we’ve got a collaboration with:

Sponsoring requests

Are you interested in what we can mean for you in your road to success? We understand! In the field of sponsoring we only work with tailor-made programs, depending on yout previous performances and your ambitions.

By sending us your proposal with your perspective on what you want with a sponsorship, we can compare this with our interests and come up with a custom plan for our collaboration.

We can give you some aspects that you can take in consideration when putting up your proposal:

  • Applying ChromeBurner stickers on your bike

  • Applying ChromeBurner stickers on your helmet

  • Social media posts with mentioning ChromeBurner

  • Banners at events

  • Helping with organizing and sharing giveaways

  • Participating in the creation of content (like promo videos or articles)

Are you a professional rider and curious what we can mean for each other? Or want to send us your proposal? Feel free to contact us! You can reach us by phone +31 73 200 80 20 or send us an email to marketing@chromeburner.com.

Spend $349 and we pay for shipping!