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Are you living for motorsports? Are you bulging with talent and (planning to) rock at the highest level? You came to the right page!

We’re a huge fan of motorsports and that’s why we are sponsoring some absolute champions on two wheels. We’re proud to be a part of their road to success. We thinks it’s important that the people who we sponsor are passionate about their sport, have the right ambitions and just have a nice personality altogether.

Wayne Tessels

This is the case with Wayne Tessels. ChromeBurner and Wayne go way back. In 2015 we started as his personal sponsor. After that we become main sponsor of his team and our logo was covering all of the side of his track bike. Up to this day we are his proud sponsor!

Mirjam Pol

We also support Mirjam Pol with her rally’s. We began our collaboration in 2018, thanks to her amazingly positive personality, her endless pit of motivation and ambitions and also her performances. We love to see Mirjam in action during the Dakar!

Thije Ligtermoed & Jur Wattel

And we’ve got our eye on young talent. The future MotoGP champions Jur en Thije can count on our support. These two fast talents want to be selected for the Red Bull Rookie cup in a couple of years and we’re going to help them with accomplish that. We’re convinced that they’re going to achieve this!

Sponsoring requests

Are you interested in what we can mean for you in your road to success? We understand! In the field of sponsoring we only work with tailor-made programs, depending on yout previous performances and your ambitions.

By sending us your proposal with your perspective on what you want with a sponsorship, we can compare this with our interests and come up with a custom plan for our collaboration.

We can give you some aspects that you can take in consideration when putting up your proposal:

  • Applying ChromeBurner stickers on your bike

  • Applying ChromeBurner stickers on your helmet

  • Social media posts with mentioning ChromeBurner

  • Banners at events

  • Helping with organizing and sharing giveaways

  • Participating in the creation of content (like promo videos or articles)

Are you a professional rider and curious what we can mean for each other? Or want to send us your proposal? Feel free to contact us! You can reach us by phone +31 73 200 80 20 or send us an email to marketing@chromeburner.com.

Spend CA $449 and we pay for shipping!