Are you living for motorsports? Are you bulging with talent and (planning to) rock at the highest level? You came to the right page!

We’re a huge fan of motorsports and that’s why we are sponsoring some absolute champions on two wheels. We’re proud to be a part of their road to success. We thinks it’s important that the people who we sponsor are passionate about their sport, have the right ambitions and just have a nice personality altogether.

Mirjam Pol

We support Mirjam Pol with her rally’s. We began our collaboration in 2018, thanks to her amazingly positive personality, her endless pit of motivation and ambitions and also her performances. We love to see Mirjam in action during the Dakar!

ChromeBurner RAC41

Since 2021, the French Honda team has officially become ChromeBurner RAC41 Honda, following our support for the team in the World Endurance Championship. In this championship, the team competes in 24-hour races and has achieved impressive results so far. It's truly exciting to watch them race!

Daniek van Loon

We also collaborate with Daniek, an emerging racing talent. Since 2021, she has been racing competitively, and despite everything being new in her first year, she has achieved impressive results right away. She is a promising talent for the future! This young lady has ambitious goals. She aims to become the first female champion in the Yamaha/KicXstart R125 Cup. We are proud to support that goal!

Thije Ligtermoed

And of course, we also have an eye for future racing talent. The upcoming MotoGP champion Thije can count on our support. This fast guy wants to be selected for the Red Bull Rookies Cup within a few years, and we have full confidence in him!