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Nowadays, it’s absolutely possible to buy yourself a 200 horse power superbike on which an average Joe would have been able to win the MotoGP championship in let’s say 2002. Metaphorically speaking, of course! With increased speed comes increased risk, raising demand for high-tech protective motorcycle gear, especially when it comes to riders of superbikes and sport bikes. Nine out of ten sport riders will want to be fully covered as this allows them to ride with confidence and not worry about that “what if” scenario. Leather is their go-to material as it’s highly abrasion resistant and fits you like a second skin.

Depending on your personal preferences and priorities, you should be looking into getting a leather one- piece suit or two-piece suit. If you’d like a bit more versatility and comfort for sporty riding on the streets, getting a separate leather jacket and pants is a great option as well as leather suits can be quite focused when it comes to fit and comfort, whereas a combination of a jacket and pants is usually more comfortable and versatile. These leather jackets are easier to combine with a pair of riding jeans, compared to the jacket of a two-piece suit for example. To protect your hands you will most likely want to get a long cuff leather glove, equipped with safety features like a hard shell knuckle protector, SuperFabric® panels, Kevlar® lining and palm sliders. A pair of racing boots wil feature a replaceable toe slider, shin protection, reinforced heel box and some serious ankle protection. Top it off with an aerodynamic and lightweight helmet with excellent ventilation and a wide visor and you’re all set to beat your best personal lap time around your favorite track! Or favorite stretch of road of course... (we won’t tell the cops!)


Race / Sport

The tachometer keeps rising, up to and over 13.000 revolutions per minute. With precision timing, you shift up a gear and your bike just keeps accelerating. You tuck in a bit further, trying to reduce drag and maximize speed. At the moment a sensible person would have thrown out an anchor, you keep the throttle pinned only to start braking when you’re barely able to keep everything under control, resolutely tipping the bike over towards the apex, your knee scraping the tarmac. Motorcycle racing is about adrenaline and precision and you will need the proper gear to protect yourself !