Riding a motorcycle is not just a way of transportation, it’s a way of life! You and your bike are one when you’re splitting traffic in the urban jungle or riding the streets just for the fun of it. Being safe is important but it shouldn’t hurt your style. We totally get that! You want your gear to reflect your own style, match your bike and not get in the way when you’re no longer in the saddle. All this without having to compromize on safety. We have a large selection of gear that will suit your needs like sporty or casual textile jackets, riding jeans and sneakers, stylish gloves and flashy (or stealthy!) helmets. Check out our Urban/Street gear!



The Urban/Street category is a big one. Riders from all kinds of life might consider themselves to be an urban or street rider and everyone will have their own explanation of what that means. As a result, the products in this category can be quite different in terms of looks or functionality. However, we feel they all share in the same philosophy: they are stylish, functional, versatile and protective. All at the same time. We have a large selection of textile and leather jackets that will appeal to urban and street riders alike. We carry racing inspired jackets, to summer mesh jackets and hoodies that don’t even look like motorcycle jackets at all. There are so many options available that you will be hard pressed to not find something to your liking! No matter what kind of jacket you pick though, they all provide impact protection and abrasion resistance. When it comes to choosing a pair of riding pants, you roughly have 2 ways to go: either you pick a pair of textile pants or you opt for a pair of protective riding jeans. The textile pants in this category will have a slightly more “fashionable” fit compared to those in the Adventure/Touring category. Riding jeans offer great style and allow you to not look like a motorcycle rider when you don’t want to. They are ideal for those among us who ride their bike to work or other social events and are not looking to get changed several times a day. In terms of gloves, this category offers both short and long cuff gloves, ranging from summer to winter and from street to touring styling. Use the extra filters to narrow down your selection depending n your personal needs you will definitely find a pair just perfect for you! Urban and street riders have different needs for footwear as well: we offer a large selection ranging from racing inspired boots all the way to casual protective sneakers and everything in between. In the end, it’s your personal style that will be the deciding factor!