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The summer Olympics take place in London, solo-sailer Laura Dekker arrives at Sint Maarten after a journey of 518 days, Dutch government Rutte I falls and Felix Baumgartner parachutes down from a height of 39 kilometers: it all happened in 2012. But in Nieuwkuijk, a small town in the south of the Netherlands, somethings brewing as well: our founder Rob Hannink registers his new company Motorhelmetsonline B.V. at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. That of course happened for a reason! In the ཆs online shopping begins to take serious shape, but to Rob's surprise and frustration, this is not the case at all for motorcycle clothing. The industry is fragmented; local motorcycle stores usually have a rather limited selection of helmets, clothing, and accessories, and often from the same brands. Rob often hears arguments from the industry that "motorcycle helmets have to be tried on first", "expensive motorcycle clothing can't be sold online", and that "selling to another country is impossible". Fortunately, Rob is quite stubborn. Based on his personal interest in AGV's premium racing helmets, especially the Valentino Rossi replicas, he decides to buy these helmets and offer them for sale on eBay. The garage box that serves as his warehouse soon became too small, the AGVs are sold all over the world and on February 8th, Rob decided to turn his hobby into his new work: the birth of ChromeBurner is officially a fact! So now it's 10 years later and time has certainly not stood still. Through this timeline, we will take you along the most important milestones of our company and we will give you an idea of our plans for this year!


On 8 February Rob registered "Motorhelmetsonline B.V." at the Chamber of Commerce. The range consists only of helmets of the AGV brand, which are shipped from a garagebox in Nieuwkuijk.



The company moves to a 600 m2 building in Waalwijk, including a showroom. The name changes to Zone212 ("To want to"). Among others, Dainese, Shoei, and Shark are added to the assortment.



Another name change, to ChromeBurner Motorgear, with corresponding rebranding for the corporate identity. The showroom remains, but the focus is put more clearly on online sales with, among other things, a new website.



An important year for ChromeBurner. Because of the growth and the available potential, the company structure is adjusted. Rob takes a more strategic position and the first departments begin to form under him, with a head of logistics, head of online sales, and someone for the administration. This allows employees to specialize more and optimize processes, where previously there were mostly "jack-of-all-trades". More staff are also being recruited such as graphic designers, dedicated customer service staff and an IT person.


No less than 25 new brands are added and the warehouse goes up: there is now 600 square meters of storage space. On our order, AGV produces their new K-3 SV with Rossi's "Donkey" design and we start sponsoring Wayne Tessels in the Superstock 1000 class.



An important milestone: we break through the €10 million sales mark. Our warehouse is already full again and we move into a second warehouse right next to our own 1600 square meters premises.



Our growth does not go unnoticed! We are awarded an FD Gazelle by the Financieel Dagblad; an award for the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands. We acquire Motorstroom.nl, a webshop for motorcycle batteries.

The teamThe team
The buildingThe building


Misschien wel het belangrijkste jaar voor ChromeBurner. Na een gigantische verbouwing verhuizen we in februari weer terug naar Nieuwkuijk, maar nu naar een modern pand vol in het zicht pal langs de A59. Hier hebben we de beschikking over een showroom van 600 m2, een magazijn van 2400 m2 en kantoorruimte van nog eens 400 m2. Verder verschijnt het eerste ChromeBurner Magazine, krijgen we onze tweede FD Gazelle-award uitgereikt, zijn we nummer 8 in de E-commerce Top 50 verkiezing, meten we ons een frisse nieuwe huisstijl aan (met de kenmerkende oranje kleur) en voegen we het 50e merk aan ons assortiment toe. Als bonus voor ons motorsportliefhebbers rijdt Mirjam Pol in de Dakar met ons logo op haar motor, pak en helm!


We pass the €20 million sales mark, receive our third FD Gazelle award, and with the acquisition of Biker Outfit Schleswig GmbH, a motorcycle clothing specialist in Germany, we go international! With the RAC41 ChromeBurner team we participate in the World Endurance Championship, and Mirjam Pol has an amazing second place finish in the Dakar's Women's ranking!



In 2021 we are not sitting still either. We add our 80th brand, expand our warehouse further, pass the €30 million sales mark and this year once again receive an FD Gazelle award. The Revshop.eu website is now also under our management, and with RAC41 ChromeBurner we celebrate a second place finish at the 24h of Le Mans!

FD Gazellen AwardsFD Gazellen Awards


Op het moment van verschijnen van deze blog is 2022 pas twee maanden onderweg, maar een paar dingen staan al vast. We vieren natuurlijk onze 10e verjaardag, we zullen nóg meer merken toevoegen en gaan nóg meer voorraad neerleggen. Qua omzet willen we de €40 miljoen gaan halen. Mirjam Pol heeft net de Dakar achter de rug en heeft een knappe 49e positie weten te behalen, en is de best geklasseerde vrouw op de motor. Verder moet RAC41 ChromeBurner elke race om de podiumplekken mee kunnen doen en hopelijk kunnen we dit jaar weer mooie evenementen organiseren voor onze klanten!

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