Halvarssons collectieHalvarssons collectie

Halvarssons collection

Scandinavian premium

Recently we added the Scandinavian brand Halvarssons to our collection. As you know, we only sell brands and products we really stand behind and that is certainly the case with Halvarssons!

Halvarssons collectieHalvarssons collectie

To care

With an incredible passion for details and craftsmanship the Swedes make motorcycle clothing that is durable to protect you in all situations. "To care" is typically Swedish and they do this for others, nature and the way they make products! The leather is abrasion resistance, comfortable and has a premium look to it.

Halvarssons collectieHalvarssons collectie

Check out the collection

Check out the collection below and get inspired by Scandinavian design! The products used in the shoot

Simpson Darksome Solid Matt Black

Simpson Darksome Solid Matt BlackSimpson Darksome Solid Matt Black
Halvarssons Selja ZwartHalvarssons Selja Zwart
Halvarssons Rullbo BlackHalvarssons Rullbo Black
Halvarssons Wang ZwartHalvarssons Wang Zwart
Forma Elite ZwartForma Elite Zwart

See the clothing in action!

Caring for your Halvarssons motorcycle clothing

"To care" also applies to your motorcycle clothing, of course! Taking good care of your motorcycle clothing extends the life of the product and keeps your clothing looking like it;s brand new! Here are some tips on how to care of your Halvarssons clothing:

Wet leather motorcycle clothing

Let wet motorcycle clothing dry slowly at room temperature. Do not speed up this process! Drying leather quickly makes it stiff and hard. So don't put your clothes over the heater and don't use a hot hair dryer!

Caring for leather

Don't let leather get too dry either, this prevents leather fibers from breaking and no longer giving you optimal protection when you need it. Treat your leather motorcycle jacket or pants with a product that is specially made to care for leather!

Want more tips on caring for motorcycle clothing? Check out our motorcycle clothing washing tips in our blog.

Halvarssons collectieHalvarssons collectie

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