Europe's most beautiful roads to discover in 2022

Last year ChromeBurner listed the most beautiful roads to explore on your motorcycle in Europe. One year later we believe it’s a perfect moment to update the blog with the latest roads to discover in 2022. ChromeBurner brings you along to 5 new European places to ride on your motorcycle. You are able to obtain an entirely new perspective on which routes are popular now.

You'll obtain an entirely new perspective on the popular routes of today, which will make you want to get on the motorcycle straight away.

Smugglers route - Andorra

We kick off this list with the Smugglers route in Andorra. The starting point is in Andorra la Vella. It will be a journey with many challenges. On the motorcycle you will end up in areas that usually don’t have a paved road. Therefore you will have to ride offroad on your motorcycle. You will ride across beautiful creeks and the east side of the Pyrenees. This route is 185 kilometers long and is known as the so-called Smugglers route.

ChromeBurner advises you at all times to bring the right motorcycle with you to Andorra. This is important because otherwise you will be constantly fussing with your vehicle, which will result in you having less time to enjoy the route.

On the Smugglers route there aren’t that many hotels. Make sure you arrange your stay up front, especially in the crowded high season!

The real offroad motorcyclist will be sleeping in a tent. This will ensure the ultimate offroad experience.


Sa Calobra - Mallorca

Although this motorcycle route is relatively short with its 9.5 kilometers, this route has very sharp curves that bring you along steep cliff rotations and lead you up via deep chasms. At the end of this route you will have a magnificent view across the most beautiful parts of the island.

Sa Calobra (The Snake Road) has many rocks and height differences. While enjoying Sa Calobra, you will have very little to no trouble with tourism. You will have the best experience if you visit this motorcycle route in fall or spring. Because you’re riding in the off season, it isn’t crowded. In addition plane tickets to Mallorca are probably cheaper, which allows you to have more budget available to rent a good motorcycle.



Trollstigen - Norway

The Trollstigen (Troll's Road) has a route of 20 kilometers long, with 11 very sharp curves and a beautiful view over several waterfalls. This route is considered to be a challenging one in Norway. ChromeBurner advises you to be well prepared and make sure your motorcycle is in the right condition. We also advise you to be well rested for this motorcycle trip to Scandinavia. Don't forget to wear the right motorcycle gear as the weather can change every minute.

As mentioned this route brings you across several waterfalls. You are ensured of an impressive view. On this route there are enough places to make a stop, for example to take a picture of the surroundings or have a picnic. ChromeBurner advises you to ride carefully, because of the many small roads the route exists of.

On top of the mountain there are multiple lookout points, with an amazing view on the road, the mountains, and the valleys. This route has impressive nature and architecture.

In the winter the Trollstigen is closed for traffic. Due to the snow it is not possible to ride with your motorcycle during this period. If it snows in the summer, it can also occur that this road is closed. Always make sure to check the status of the roads before leaving.

Grossglockner - Austria

The Grossglockner is one of the highest roads in Austria and connects Carinthia to Salzburg. This route has 36 curves and is 48 kilometers long. This motorcycle route has a height of 2504 meters. You have plenty of options to make a stop in between and enjoy the view. It’s only possible to ride this route from the beginning of May until the end of October. Due to the snow at this height, the road is closed during big parts of the year. In June, July, and August this route is open from 05:00 to 21.30h. Leave early in the morning or go during the off season, so you can have the best experience. The Grosslockner is a toll road which means you have to pay to be able to ride.

 Asturias - Spain

In the Golf of Biscay is an area that is for the most people rather unknown called Asturias. Asturias is a gorgeous region with a lot of unknown places. The route is 882 kilometers long, so there are plenty of places to discover. Via this route you often ride across the sea, parks, nature, and mountains.

These are the designated motorcycle routes of ChromeBurner for 2022. What is your next destination on the motorcycle going to be?