If you are going to ride on a track, keep in mind that motorcycle clothing made of textile or leather is a requirement. In addition, it’s mandatory to wear an ECE approved helmet. A jet helmet is not allowed on the track, as it doesn't cover the chin. A system helmet is often allowed, however, we recommend you to always wear a full-face helmet, as it offers you the best possible protection in the event of a crash. Want to go all the way? Then choose a helmet with a double D ring. This is the oldest way to secure the chin strap, but still unsurpassed in safety. This is because the ring creates a blockage which prevents the chin strap from opening easily while riding or crashing.

We recommend that you always wear a back protector for the best possible protection. Try on motorcycling clothing with a back protector on to make sure it fits properly. It’s also wise to wear shoes that cover your ankles and gloves with a long cuff, as these offer the best protection in the event of a crash.