Tour du JourTour du Jour

Spring is here again. The flowers are blooming, the cows are grazing in the meadow and the sun will (hopefully) show itself a bit more often. Time to get out again! We get you started for an unforgettable spring on your motorcycle. We've picked out some great routes that you can do within a day. So gear up, pull your bike out of the shed and ride!

But where to go? Sometimes it’s quite difficult to come up with a new route for a day trip. In your own area, you often have seen a lot already and end up on the same roads again. Of course, you can take the motorway, but let's be honest: boring! Curvy roads with beautiful views, dykes along the waterfront, special trails; that's what makes many a motorcyclist's heart beat faster. We’re happy to help you on your way! 

We have picked out lots of beautiful routes that can be done within a day. We’ve highlighted six of them on this page, but there are many more to explore! We have collected all the routes in the MyRouteApp: an app where you can easily search, save and navigate routes. Download the app or go to the website and check out all the cool routes we have prepared for you.

Through the dragon's smokeThrough the dragon's smoke
Through the Dragon's Smoke

This route takes you right through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, where you will ride on winding roads including the Cherohala Skyway and the world-famous Tail of the Dragon. On top of that, you also get to see fantastic sights, breathtaking views and a lot of great places to grab a bite. This route is every motorcyclist's dream!

Cabot TrailCabot Trail
Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail runs through Cape Breton Highlands National Park and through the Margaree River valley. The route has stunning views, interesting sights and beautiful scenery. You ride over mountains, through valleys, along the rugged coast, through forests and through small fisherman’s villages. Along the route are many small restaurants where you can eat well, perfect for a stop.

From City to OutbackFrom City to Outback
From City to Outback

The start and finish of this route are in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. From the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, you ride straight into the outback. The route passes through the Adelaide Hills, mostly on good roads. During your ride, you will encounter beautiful nature, many vineyards, vast orchards and quaint little towns.

From City to OutbackFrom City to Outback
Memories of WOII

This day trip takes you to multiple World War II monuments, museums and landing beaches. A day full of history about D-Day, with one sight after the other. Along the coast, it tends to be a bit busier, but once inland, it is a quiet ride on beautiful roads. The route is quite long, but well worth it!


From City to OutbackFrom City to Outback
Colorful Trip

During this trip you can enjoy the beach and the vast dunes, but for most of the time you’ll be in the Bollenstreek. You ride around in a sea of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other bright colored flowers. The huge flower fields make this area very colorful, especially in spring. A perfect route for this time of year!

From City to OutbackFrom City to Outback
Authentic Brabant

This route takes you from one fortified town to the next. Bumping over cobblestones, you can enjoy the authentic streets and houses. Between the fortified towns, the route leads you over nice dykes with beautiful views and past historical buildings in villages you come through along the way. An ideal route if you love history!



Through the dragon's smokeThrough the dragon's smoke
Wasaga Beach Route

This route mostly goes along the coast of Nottawasaga Bay, Hogg Bay and Sturgeon Bay, among others. In this part you’ll get beautiful views. The other part of the route takes you inland, passing Copeland Forest. There is plenty to see in this part too!

A favourite of @raven.yyz.

From City to OutbackFrom City to Outback
Beaches of Noord-Holland

Noord-Holland is surrounded by water on the East, North and West side. Therefore, the province also has an awful lot of beaches. A perfect place for a ride along the coast! During this route, you get to look out over the Markermeer, the IJsselmeer, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea.

A favourite of @cyanate81.

From City to OutbackFrom City to Outback
Roundtrip Amsterdam

This route is exactly what it seems: a round trip right through Amsterdam. For some, it sounds like drama, for others like music to the ears. At a quiet moment, the trip doesn't take that long, but let's be honest: it's never quiet in Amsterdam. Luckily, there are plenty of places in the city to grab a bite or a drink!

A favourite of @cyanate81.

From City to OutbackFrom City to Outback
Escaping Rotterdam

You ride from the city straight into nature! A large part of this route runs along a nice dyke road along the river Lek, where you can enjoy beautiful views over the water on one side and the polder landscape on the other. Along the way, you'll also pass the famous Kinderdijk.

A favourite of @cyanate81.

Wasaga Beach RouteWasaga Beach Route
Raven's tip: Wasaga Beach Route

Dit is één van Raven’s (@raven.yyz) favoriete routes in Canada. De route gaat grotendeels langs de kust van onder andere Nottawasaga Bay, Hogg Bay en Sturgeon Bay. Dit levert prachtige uitzichten op. Het andere deel van de route rijd je door het binnenland en kom je onder andere langs Copeland Forest. Ook in dit deel is genoeg te zien!






Have you ridden a cool route yourself that you would like to share with other motorcyclists? Let us know! Send your route to and we'll add your route to our list. We can upload GPX, ITN, TRF, TPF, KML, KMZ and TAR.GZ files. Of course, you can also upload the route yourself in the MyRouteApp and send us the link.