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How to prep your motorcycle for storage

With winter coming up, we are giving you the best tips to store your motorcycle during these cold months. In 6 steps your bike will be ready to be stored.

What you should not do when you put your motorcycle in storage

You shouldn't put away your motorcycle with an empty or even half-empty tank. Besides that you shouldn't put your motorbike away before you have lubricated the moving parts and connected your battery to a smart charger. What you should do before you put your motorcycle away is what this blog is all about!

Clean your motorcycle

A very logical first step before storing your motorcycle for a long time is to clean all of its surface areas thoroughly. By cleaning your bike you'll make sure the finish will stay in tiptop condition. Dirty spots from caked-on insects or dirt will be harder to clean the longer you let it stay there. The right motorcycle cleaning supplies can work miracles for your bike.

Change the oil on your motorbike

Old oil can seriously damage your engine, this happens because of acidic byproducts that collect in the oil as it ages. It's best to change the oil after you've let the engine warm up, the oil will be thinner and therefore run off more easily. Also, getting ready for winter storage is a great time to change the oil filter.

Lubricate the moving parts

If you are not using your engine for a long period of time, it is essential to lubricate the moving parts. This will prevent unwanted moisture build-up in internal components. It also ensures that your engine runs as smoothly as possible when you take it out of storage.

Take good care of your motorcycle battery

If you want to prevent your battery from having a short life span you can connect it to a battery tender during the winter. A battery tender is specially designed to keep your battery charged without overcharging it. If you want/need to remove your motorcycle battery from your motorcycle remember to disconnect the negative cable first to avoid causing a show with lots of sparks.

Keep your tires nice and round

Your tires will thank you if you make sure the weight is off them. This will prevent your tires from getting flat spots. You can achieve this by placing your bike on a stand. In addition, it is very important that you get your tire pressure right, to make sure they stay nice and round. But don't give your tires too much pressure!

Always store your bike with a full tank

Condensation can form in an empty or half-empty tank. This can cause the tank to rust on the inside, so a full tank is a must. It is also smart to fill up your motorcycle with high-octane gasoline, which makes it less likely to rust or oxidize.

What you should do to get your motorcycle ready for storage

In short, it is important to store your motorcycle with a full tank of good quality petrol, with fresh oil, well lubricated parts, battery connected to a battery tender, with the right tire pressure and as clean as possible. Click the buttons below to find all the necessary supplies!

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