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Alpinestars Light Gray Dark Gray Cooling Vest
US$ 151 16 US$ 172 62
Macna Hybrid Cooling Vest
US$ 69 03 US$ 93 29
ROKKER Insulation Lady Vest Sale
US$ 93 24 US$ 232 41
Macna Dry Evo Cooling Vest
US$ 117 50 US$ 158 62
Dainese Afteride Black Down Vest
US$ 90 97 US$ 139 95
Alpinestars Flare Hi-Visibility Fluo Yellow Vest
US$ 67 16 US$ 74 62

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Motorcycle cooling vests

The most popular season to ride must be summer. It can get very hot riding your motorcycle in the summer in layers of protective clothing. This protective gear is crucial to make your ride safe, so removing this is not a good option if you want to cool down. To cool your body on a hot ride you can wear a cooling vest. A motorcycle cooling vest will definitely make your summer rides more comfortable. Heat from your body will vaporize the water inside the vest, which will cool your body when your body temperature gets high. Other base layers or balaclavas and tubes can also help to keep you cool and comfortable in summer.

A motorcycle cooling vest for anyone

Cooling vests are of course meant for hot conditions. Here at ChromeBurner we offer a good range of motorcycle cooling vests. Because men and women have different bodies and needs, we have cooling vests available for both men and women. Our wide range also covers different brands and sizes, so anyone can find a cooling vest at ChromeBurner.

Why buy your cooling vest at ChromeBurner?

If you like fast shipping and low prices, ChromeBurner is the best place to order your new cooling vest. Because of our large stock we can ship almost everything right when you order it. Because of our large stock, we can offer fast shipping. And our fast shipping goes worldwide. Besides that, we guarantee the lowest prices so you will never pay too much for a motorcycle cooling vest if you buy it at ChromeBurner.

Need help picking the best cooling vest?

Check out all our cooling vests at ChromeBurner and make your pick. If you cannot decide, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of motorcycle geeks are ready to answer all your questions at support@chromeburner.com or by phone +31 73 200 80 20!