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Alpinestars Tech Air 5 Airbag System
US$ 646 20
Alpinestars Bioflex Hip Protectors Black
US$ 13 80
Alpinestars SX-1 V2 Black Red Knee
US$ 74 23 US$ 106 12
Alpinestars Bioflex Knee Protector Black
US$ 19 29 US$ 27 65
Lampa Head-Cap
US$ 10 26
Furygan Airbag vest Evo Black
US$ 278 76 US$ 341 54
Held D3O Back Protector
US$ 46 62
Alpinestars Sequence Black Red Knee Protector
US$ 69 24 US$ 96 89
Spidi Lumbar Biomechanic Black Grey Belt
US$ 53 12 US$ 55 91
Alpinestars Bionic-7 Silver Yellow Fluo Knee Brace Set
US$ 335 95 US$ 480 03
Alpinestars Bionic-10 Black Red Carbon Left Knee Brace
US$ 264 87 US$ 378 47
Alpinestars A-6 Chest Protector Black Anthracite Red
US$ 125 92 US$ 179 98
ROKKER SAS-TEC Protectors Level 1
US$ 27 05 US$ 27 07
Alpinestars Nucleon KR-3 Smoke Black Red
US$ 169 83 US$ 207 68
US$ 27 04 US$ 27 06

Items 1-36 of 225

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Protection gear & accessories

Lift your motorcycle gear to a higher level with these high quality accessories which offer great protection. As a vulnerable road user, it is of great importance to make sure that you hit the road protected. This means wearing a good motorcycle helmet and solid motorcycle clothing that protects you when you slide over the tarmac. At Chromeburner, you will find everything you need to hit the road protected and style ride in style!

Why is it important to wear motorcycle protection gear?

As a motorcyclist, you are very vulnerable. An accident occurs easily... Not only on the public road, but also off-road. Apart from being protected when you are sliding, it is important to be protected for impacts as well. Also wearing protective gear is required on race tracks!

What kind of protection is there for motorcyclists?

Every piece of the body can (and must) be protected, otherwise this can end up real bad… Most motorcycle jackets and pants will come with the protection into the product. But most of the time extra protection can be added into a jacket or motorcycle pants. Think about back protectors, knee braces, airbags and hip protectors. But we also offer complete protection sets for your shoulders, chest and back for Motocross!

Our motorcycle clothing accessories

Some countries have laws stating that wearing a Hi-viz vest at night is compulsory! But also if it’s not in your country, wearing one could not hurt to improve how visible you are at night or in the rain. Also other accessories like belts, track vests and kidney belts can be found in this category.

Why buy at Chromeburner?

If you order your product on time, your product will be shipped the same day! If you have any questions about the motorcycle protection gear or accessories, feel free to contact us! We’re ready to help you find the right piece of gear!