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Airoh Aviator 3 White
US$ 409 82 US$ 590 81
Airoh Wraaap Black Matt Offroad Helmet
US$ 93 70 US$ 144 01
Airoh Aviator 3 Carbon Matt Helmet
US$ 572 38 US$ 830 88
Airoh Twist 3 Flat Black Offroad Helmet
US$ 136 54 US$ 193 83
Airoh Aviator 3 Flat Black
US$ 412 58 US$ 590 81
Airoh Aviator 3 Push Blue Red Helmet
US$ 483 67 US$ 701 63
Airoh Wraaap Cyber Red Matt Offroad Helmet
US$ 124 62 US$ 166 17
Airoh Aviator 3 Spin Yellow Blue Helmet
US$ 483 67 US$ 701 63
Airoh Wraaap Demon Offroad Helmet
US$ 124 62 US$ 166 17
Airoh Strycker Flat Black
US$ 216 86 US$ 304 61
Airoh Strycker White
US$ 216 86 US$ 313 85
Scorpion Vx-22 Air Solid Black
US$ 249 18 US$ 276 87
Scorpion Vx-22 Air Solid White
US$ 249 18 US$ 276 87
Scorpion VX-22 Air Matt Black Offroad Helmet
US$ 249 18 US$ 276 87
LS2 MX703 C X-Force Victory Red White
US$ 377 15 US$ 419 06
Airoh Strycker View gloss
US$ 280 57 US$ 369 24

Items 1-36 of 385

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Off-road helmets and dirt bike helmets

When taking your motorcycle off-road, you will need a specific helmet that can accommodate your specific needs. An off-road helmet (or motocross helmet, dirt bike helmet) has a sun visor - which also serves as a shield against splashing sand and mud from the rider in front of you, space for motocross goggles and an elongated chin piece for optimal ventilation. The weight of a dirt bike helmet is usually light to minimise the amount of strain on your neck while riding. ChromeBurner offers top segment motocross helmets ... Are you curious about the off-road helmets we offer? Read on!

ChromeBurner's wide range of off-road helmets

With the brands such as Airoh and Just1 in our range, we guarantee you’ll be able to choose from the very best. Airoh is known for their Aviator series, which are renowned as being the lightest motocross helmets in the world. If you go for maximum performance, the Aviator 2.3 is the best option! The Airoh Twist 2.0 is also a good choice and offers a great price-quality ratio. Helmets from the Italian brand Just1 have a slightly different fit than Airoh's and may therefore be of interest to you. Just1 also uses only premium materials and their carbon J12 helmet is top-notch quality!

Do you have any questions about dirt bike helmets?

An off-road helmet is an important part of your overall motorcycle outfit. On our website you will find a product description and size chart for each helmet to see the correct information. Do you still have questions? Send an email to or call our customer service at +31 73 200 80 20 and we’ll be happy to help!

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