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Dainese Kit Elbow Fluo Green
US$ 1797 US$ 2698
Dainese Kit Elbow Fluo Red
US$ 1797 US$ 2698
Dainese Kit
US$ 1797 US$ 2518
Alpinestars GP White Hard
Alpinestars GP White Hard
US$ 4275 US$ 45
Alpinestars Black Red GP Rain
US$ 5132 US$ 5402
Dainese Pista Elbow Slider Fluo Yellow
US$ 1703 US$ 2698
Dainese Pista Elbow Slider Fluo Green
US$ 1703 US$ 2698
Dainese Pista Elbow Slider Black
US$ 1703 US$ 2698
Dainese Pista HD Black White
US$ 4225 US$ 5942
Spidi Warrior Black White Elbow
US$ 3416 US$ 3595
Alpinestars GP Sport Evo Knee White
US$ 3590 US$ 3780
Dainese Pista Elbow Slider Fluo Red
US$ 1703 US$ 2698

12 Items

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Sidi Cobra Gore-Tex Black Black
US$ 17966 US$ 27024
Dainese P. Amsterdam Black
US$ 18645 US$ 20718
Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Testa Di Moro
US$ 15402 US$ 17114
Sidi Armada Gore-Tex Crossover
US$ 34999
Noizezz Universal Orange Filter Strong
US$ 2027 US$ 2252
Brembo 17 RCS Brake
US$ 23866 US$ 33577
Brembo 19 RCS Brake
US$ 23866 US$ 33577
US$ 3152

Knee and elbow sliders

In our product range, you will find knee and elbow sliders from high quality brands like Alpinestars and Dainese.

Why do you need elbow or knee sliders?

Knee and elbow sliders are used to get a feeling of the lean angle of a rider. Every racing driver uses these sliders. These hard plastics are there to protect your 1-piece suit, 2-piece suit or racing pants. Everytime you slide your knees or elbows over the tarmac, the sliders will wear out. Did you manage to wear them out? Awesome! You can find your new sliders here!

What kind of knee sliders are there?

There are basically two kinds of knee sliders: regular sliders and rain sliders. The rain sliders are bigger, so you need less lean angle to still get the best feeling in the corners! In most cases the sliders will be attached to your suit with Velcro, but they will stick better than you would expect! A knee slider (and elbow slider) are often stuck to your suit. And for good reason, you don't want the slider to come off when it hits the asphalt. So just give it a good wiggle and the slider will come off!

Why buy your knee and elbow sliders at Chromeburner?

If you order your sliders on time, we will ship them the same day to you, so you can scrape your new sliders as soon as possible! Do you have any questions about the sliders? Our team is ready to help you find the right product! Just send us a message or give us a call and we’re happy to help!