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SMK Hybrid evo Flat Black Multi Helmet
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Nolan N70-2 Gt Special 15 ECE 22.06
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Multi helmets for motorcycle riding

A relatively new type of motorcycle helmets is the multi helmet. Let’s be honest, we kind of came up with this name ourselves as there doesn’t seem to be a standard term for them yet! Anyway, let’s dive into this growing category of very interesting motorcycle helmets!

What is a multi helmet exactly?

Also sometimes called crossover helmets, these helmets are the epitome of versatility. It all started with the Nolan N40, which was the first helmet with a detachable chin piece that still got the full-face helmet safety rating (with the chin piece installed of course). As time progressed, multi helmets got more complex and technical. We now see that not only the chin piece is removable, but we see removable peaks, removable visors, different kinds of chin pieces and internal sun visors. Depending on the model helmet you get, you can play around with all the removable parts and set up the helmet in various different configurations to tailor to your needs!

How many different configurations do multi helmets have?

That would depend on the specific helmet you are referring to! In general, most multi-helmets have at least 4 different possible configurations. The Italian brand Nolan is one of the pioneers in this segment and they offer different series of multi helmets. One of their main models aims at the urban and touring rider. This helmet has a larger eyeport and visor for perfect visibility. Leave the chin piece installed for long distance comfort, or take it off on those hot days or if you’re just cruising around town! Their other model aims at the adventure-touring rider. With a more pronounced chin piece for better ventilation and a large peak to block sunlight and protect you from branches, this model is perfect for those riding big adventure bikes, taking them on long trips on the tarmac and on unpaved roads as well. You can even fit a pair of MX goggles in them!

I want to know more about multi helmets. Can you help me?

Of course we can! The ChromeBurner Customer Service team is available to answer all your questions about multi helmets. Ask away about fit, sizing, features, different colorways and availability. Shoot them an email at or give them a call at 073 200 80 20.

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