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Hi-viz Vests

Safety is of the utmost importance on any bike. Hi-viz vests offer an extra layer of safety on the motorcycle while riding in the dark or through the rain. Not by protecting your body if you fall or make a slide but by increasing your visibility on the road so you don’t get hit. Some countries have laws stating that wearing a Hi-viz vest at night is compulsory! But also, if it’s not in your country, wearing one could not hurt to improve how vizible you are at night or in the rain.

Hi-Viz vests at ChromeBurner

At ChromeBurner we offer a good selection of HV vests to increase your visibility. All made in the very notable color neon yellow with plenty of reflective panels. They are all a bit different. Some offer a very tight fit while others are more roomy and some even offer extra pockets, which always comes in handy. These Hi-Viz vests don’t offer extra protection to your body other than being more visible. Our Motorcycle Protection & Accessories however do offer this extra protection. These HV vests also fit perfectly over our other motorcycle clothing such as our motorcycle jackets or motorcycle suits.

Why buy your Hi-Viz vest at ChromeBurner?

If you don’t like paying too much or waiting too long for your package to arrive, ChromeBurner is the place to order your new Hi-viz vest. We offer worldwide fast shipping. Because of our large stock, most items can be sent right after you order them. And that’s certainly not all. We also offer a lowest price guarantee.

Need help finding something to go with your HV vest?

If you need any help choosing your HP vest or anything to go with it, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team full of enthusiastic motorcycle geeks who are ready to help you!
Spend $375 and we pay for shipping!