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Halvarssons Mesh Longs Black Sale
Halvarssons Mesh Longs Black
US$ 1716 US$ 2451
Halvarssons Mesh Sweater Black Sale
Halvarssons Mesh Sweater Black
US$ 1716 US$ 2451
Spidi Silk Inner Glove
US$ 1035 US$ 1090
F-Lite MegaLight 140 Long Man Black
US$ 2701 US$ 3377
F-Lite MegaLight 240 Heat Long Man Black
US$ 3377 US$ 4222
F-Lite Superlight Underwear Set Man Black
REV'IT! Sky LL Lady Dark Grey
US$ 3549
F-Lite MegaLight Superlight Underwear Set Woman Black
F-Lite MegaLight 140 Longtight Woman Black
ROKKER Performance Trc Long Sleeve Black
F-Lite MegaLight 140 Long Woman Black
US$ 2701 US$ 3377
REV'IT! Sky LS Lady Dark Grey
US$ 4056
REV'IT! Sports Excellerator Black 1-Piece Under
Dainese D-Core Dry Men Black Anthracite 1-Piece
US$ 7393 US$ 8448
Alpinestars Ride Tech Lite Black Red 1 Piece
US$ 7762 US$ 9716
REV'IT! Rift Black Grey
US$ 6761
REV'IT! Kalahari Dark Grey-Red Socks
US$ 3380
Spidi Seamless Black
US$ 4006 US$ 4218
F-Lite MegaLight 240 Heat Long Woman Black
Halvarssons Core-Knit Sweater Seamless Black
US$ 4987
Lindstrands Cool Sock Black/Yellow
US$ 1086 US$ 1090
Halvarssons Cool Sock Black/Brown
US$ 1146
Dainese D-Core Dry Tee SS Black Anthracite
US$ 3324 US$ 3799
Dainese Silk Black Undergloves
US$ 2785 US$ 4053
Spidi Thermo Chest Lady Black Anthracite
US$ 3204 US$ 3373
F-Lite MegaLight 240 Heat Longtight Woman Black
REV'IT! Andes Light Grey-Red Socks
US$ 3380
Dainese D-Core Dry Pant LL Black Fluo Yellow
US$ 3399 US$ 3884
Dainese D-Core Thermo LL Black Anthracite
US$ 4809 US$ 5913
REV'IT! Supersonic Black Grey Under
US$ 11833
Alpinestars Ride Tech V2 Top Short Sleeve Black Red Summer
US$ 4064 US$ 5067
Alpinestars Ride Tech V2 Bottom Black Red Summer
US$ 4286 US$ 5236
REV'IT! Atlantic Black White Sale
US$ 1656 US$ 2366
ROKKER Performance Motors Patch Black
F-Lite MegaLight 140 Longtight Man Black
US$ 2362 US$ 2954
F-Lite MegaLight 240 Heat Longtight Man Black

Items 1-36 of 92

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Motorcycle clothing: Base layers

At ChromeBurner, we offer a big assortment of base layers motorcycle clothing. Wearing a base layer makes your ride more comfortable by either cooling your body down or keeping you warm. By adding an extra layer underneath your motorcycle clothing your body will be kept nice and warm, but the base layer can also cool you down by removing sweat from your skin. This makes a good base layer an absolute must-have for a comfortable ride. Our base layers are great to layer with our motorcycle clothing, mid layers, balaclavas and tubes and socks. Check them all out at ChromeBurner and make your pick!

Base layers for anyone in any conditions

Our great collection of base layers at ChromeBurner offers base layers for any rider under any conditions. We have base layers for all seasons, any gender and in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. Whoever you are or whenever you want to ride, we offer a base layer to make that ride more comfortable by either keeping you warm or cooling your body down.

Why buy your base layers at ChromeBurner?

Do you live anywhere in the world? Do you like fast shipping? If so, you should buy your base layers at ChromeBurner. We ship worldwide and very fast. Our large stock allows us to ship quickly, so you can enjoy your comfortable ride with your new base layers as soon as possible. Another great benefit of ordering from ChromeBurner is our lowest price guarantee. You will never pay too much for your base layers if you order them from us.

Need help choosing your base layers?

Still not sure about what base layers to get or about any other gear? Do not hesitate to contact our team of motorcycle geeks. We are happy to help at or by phone +31 73 200 80 20!