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Dainese Afteride Black Down Vest
US$ 8648 US$ 13178
Spidi Mission-T Softshell Mid Layer
US$ 10167 US$ 10703
Macna Dry Evo Cooling Vest
US$ 10410 US$ 14995
Macna Hybrid
Macna Hybrid
US$ 6939 US$ 9995
REV'IT! Solar 2 Bronze
US$ 10380 US$ 14829
Dainese No Wind D1 Black
US$ 9388 US$ 12354
Dainese D-Core No-Wind Thermo Tee LS Black Red
US$ 7495 US$ 11119
Alpinestars Light Gray Dark Gray Cooling Vest
US$ 13302 US$ 14002
Dainese D-Mantle Fleece Black Black Anthracite
US$ 9369 US$ 14002
ROKKER Insulation Lady Vest
US$ 13998 US$ 20516
REV'IT! Storm WB Black
US$ 11534
REV'IT! Core Black midlayer
US$ 6178
Dainese Afteride Windbreaker Black
US$ 6485 US$ 11531
Klim Inferno 2018 Gray
US$ 6632 US$ 9475
Held Prime Coat Navy Blue
US$ 4276 US$ 6587
Alpinestars Flare Hi-Visibility Fluo Yellow Vest
US$ 5866 US$ 6175
Spidi Thermo Liner Black
US$ 3905 US$ 4111
KLIM Inferno Asphalt Strike Orange
US$ 8239
ROKKER Tube Lost Riders
US$ 1565
REV'IT! Solar 2 Black
US$ 10380 US$ 14829
REV'IT! Climate 2 Black Midlayer
US$ 16477

21 Items

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Wear a mid-layer under the rest of your motorcycling gear to keep you cool or warm and comfortable. Products like cooling vests and thermal layers are available at ChromeBurner!

Motorcycle clothing: mid layers

At ChromeBurner, we offer a large assortment of mid layers motorcycle clothing. Wearing a mid-layer either cools your body down or keeps you warm, making your ride more comfortable. At ChromeBurner we have a large assortment of mid layers for both men and women. We offer mid layers from brands such as Dainese, KLIM and REV’IT! With sizes ranging from S to XL we have a mid layer to warm anybody. Our mid layers are great to layer with our base layers, balaclavas and tubes and motorcycle clothing. Check them all out at ChromeBurner and add to cart!

Why wear mid layers?

Wearing mid layers under your motorcycle clothing will make any ride more comfortable. By layering up with mid layers you stay nice and warm on a cold ride. That same mid layer can keep you cool on a hot summer ride as well. By absorbing the sweat off your skin, your body can cool down. Besides that, it can help keep your outer layers clean.

Buy your mid layers at ChromeBurner

If you buy your mid layers at ChromeBurner you benefit from a lot of benefits. We guarantee the lowest prices. So, you will never pay too much for anything at ChromeBurner, including your new mid layers. Besides that, we offer fast shipping. Because of our large stock most other items can also be shipped right away. So, if you order your mid layers from ChromeBurner you never have to wait long for your gear to arrive.

Need help deciding what mid layers to get?

If you’re still unsure what mid layers or other gear to get? Please contact us. Our team is full of motor geeks who are happy to help. You can contact us at support@chromeburner.com or by phone +31 73 200 80 20!