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The most stylish retro helmets of the moment

Are you looking for a new helmet and are you into the Chopper/Retro scene? Then these helmets with classic prints and vintage designs might be just right for you. In this blog, we show you the most stylish retro helmets of the moment.

Nexx X.G200

Nexx has several types of helmets in the Chopper/Retro style. There is the X.G100 and the X.G100R. These full-face helmets fit perfectly in this style, because they radiate simplicity and are available in different colors and vintage prints. Nexx also has jet helmets that have a retro look due to their great designs, namely the X.G20.


This off-road helmet, the X.G200, from Nexx is designed in real retro style. This can be seen in the classic print and the expression of the peak and chinbox. This helmet is specially designed for old school off-road use. It has a peak and sufficient ventilation.

Nexx X.G200Nexx X.G200
Shoei GlamsterShoei Glamster

Shoei Glamster

The Shoei Glamster is a typical retro helmet. This can be seen by its simplicity and stylish design. The helmet seems simple but it is equipped with several plus points. For example, this helmet has different ventilation holes, Double D closure and Emergency Quick Release System. With this helmet, Shoei wants to convey the classic feeling of motorcycling. So they say: ''Don't regret the old times, but enjoy the current ones with the same spirit''.

Premier Trophy Platinum ed. Carbon

Premier is a brand that sells many Chopper/Retro helmets. They have many different collections that typify this style, for example: Vintage, Premier and Platinum collection. Premier differentiates itself from other brands by their stylish prints in all sorts of varieties. This brand started in 1956 with helmets and skateboards. The brand has developed through the years and has worked on innovation. What is important to them when providing helmets is using modern standards with the classic feel of the past.

This Premier Trophy Platinum ed. Carbon helmet is made of carbon with details in leather. The leather details make this helmet stylish and a real retro helmet. It is a full-face helmet with a visor and a breathable lining. This helmet exudes the typical simplicity of the Chopper/Retro style. This helmet is also available as a jet helmet.

Premier TrophyPremier Trophy
SMK RetroSMK Retro

SMK Retro

The SMK Retro line never goes out of fashion. This helmet is a full-face helmet with a timeless design combined with an absorbing shell that protects the rider optimally. This full-face helmet comes with a transformation set to adjust the helmet. For example, a different visor can be fitted and other side plates can be placed on the helmet. This allows the visor to be removed and the helmet to be worn with glasses. This series of helmets has different designs, so there is a lot of choice.

Does the Chopper/Retro style suit you? Check out our range of retro helmets. Do you prefer a helmet in a different style? No worries! We have enough choice for every type of rider in our entire range.