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The top 10 motorcycle jeans for men and women

Jeans specifically designed for motorcycling, so you can combine style, comfort, and safety. Because we ourselves are big fans of this combination, we have listed the most popular jeans for men and women. Check out the top 5 for both genders in random order. Most designs are available in multiple colors!

Top 5 men's jeans for motorcyclists

These five jeans are popular for a reason, so take a quick look to find out why they are so popular!

1. Lindstrands Luvos

They may not be true jeans, but the rugged casual look still gets these pants featured in our top five. With large cargo pants pockets and industrial look, these are cool pants. The Lindstrans Luvos have the A certification and have level 1 knee protectors included.

Lindstrands LuvosLindstrands Luvos
Spidi J-TrackerSpidi J-Tracker

2. Spidi J-Tracker

These jeans from Spidi feature the famous SPIDI Cordura/cotton blend, because of which they are Class A certified. Besides that, you can easily take the knee sliders in, out and adjust them through the zippered opening on the pant leg. Besides the good protection, the Spidi J-Tracker also look terrific!

3. PMJ Vegas

These jeans are as iconic and contemporary as Las Vegas itself. With an unmistakable design and excellent comfort, these jeans are an embodiment of the craftsmanship and mastery that PMJ is known for. In addition, these jeans have the highest protection rating, the AAA certification. So your lower body is protected as good as possible!

PMJ VegasPMJ Vegas
John Doe Ironhead XTMJohn Doe Ironhead XTM

4. John Doe Ironhead XTM

These comfortable jeans from John Doe use the XTM material. This material combines the best protection with the highest comfort. The outer layer is extremely abrasion resistant and provides great protection in case of falls, these pants therefore have the AA certification. The inside of the John Doe Ironhead XTM are made with a material of mixed fiber and the Coolmax® technology, which ensures optimal comfort.

5. ROKKER Rokkertech slim

An excellent pair of jeans in their own right, these stylish pants are a great example of the high-quality products that ROKKER brings to the market time and time again. With a slim fit design, these pants are almost indistinguishable from normal slim fit jeans. In addition, the Rokkertech slim are also AA certified. As far as we’re concerned an excellent combination of style and protection.

Rokker Rokkertech SlimRokker Rokkertech Slim

Top 5 ladies motorcycle jeans

We have also compiled our top 5 motorcycle jeans for ladies, the best combinations of comfort, protection and style!

Rokker Rokkertech High WaistRokker Rokkertech High Waist

1. ROKKER Rokkertech High Waist

These stylish jeans will give you more space in your closet, because you can wear these jeans every day. The lightweight, stretchy, hard-wearing and ultra-comfortable material means you won't want to wear any other pants. Moreover, this model comes with level 1 knee and hip protectors and is A-level certified.

2. Alpinestars Banshee Black Lady Long Legging

These leggings are designed for women, the close-fitting design and anatomical stretch fabric provide super comfort while riding. The trendy pants are made with a lining of aramid fiber and maintain a slim profile even with knee pads. The Alpinestars Banshee Lady Long pants offer class A protection!

Alpinestars BansheeAlpinestars Banshee
John Doe Luna High MonoJohn Doe Luna High Mono

3. John Doe Luna High Mono Indigo

With a AAA certification, due to the XTM fiber woven into the denim fabric, this is a pant that offers a lot of protection. In addition, these pants are designed for stylish ladies. The John Doe Luna High have a high waist and are made with materials that stretch for optimal comfort.

4. Spidi Black Moto Legging

With these leggings from Spidi, motorcycle pants for women are reinvented. These pants are made up of one layer but are class A certified nonetheless. With the removable Warrior Lite knee pads, it offers one of the most protective women's pants in its class. There is also the option to add hip protectors. Additionally, the combination of cotton and elastane makes the Spidi Black Moto Legging is ideal for use during the spring and summer, on any type of motorcycle.

Spidi Black Moto LeggingSpidi Black Moto Legging
MotoGirl Ribbed Knee LeggingsMotoGirl Ribbed Knee Leggings

 5. MotoGirl Ribbed Knee Leggings

These women's pants have a, as the name suggests, ribbed knee design. This design with stretch material provides super comfort while riding. In addition, these pants are made of a slightly heavier material, making them not only hard-wearing but also ideal for cooler days. MotoGirl's designis AA approved, which offers great protection.

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