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Midland BTX2 Pro S Twinpack
US$ 29601 US$ 40692
Midland MH-Pro up to 6.2''
US$ 2269 US$ 2836
Midland MH-Easy up to 6.2''
US$ 2127 US$ 2659
Midland MH-Pro USB up to 6.2''
US$ 39 US$ 4875
Midland BT Mini Duo Communication System
US$ 16257 US$ 19415
Midland BTR1 Advanced Single
US$ 16451 US$ 19499
Midland BTR1 Advanced Twin
US$ 30393 US$ 35457
Midland XT30 Walkie Talkie Set
US$ 4255 US$ 5319
Midland XT50 Walkie Talkie Adventure Set
US$ 10191
Midland ER200 Emergency Radio
US$ 4961 US$ 6201
Midland EK 35 Life Saving Kit
US$ 8507 US$ 10634
Midland Speaker RCF High Definition BT Pro
US$ 3543 US$ 4428
US$ 1198 US$ 1712
Midland AL BT Pro Wall Adaptor Usb 5V-1A (JYT12-05012001)
US$ 1348 US$ 1684
Midland ER300 Emergency Dynamic Radio
US$ 5670 US$ 7088
Midland BTX2 Pro S Single Communication System
US$ 16241 US$ 20302
Midland BT Mini Single
US$ 9294 US$ 10550
Midland MH-Pro WC up to 6.5''
US$ 4255 US$ 5318
Midland BTX2 Pro S LR Single
US$ 17744 US$ 22961
Midland BT Next Pro Ultra +BTT Button Single Pack
US$ 19787 US$ 24734
Midland BT Next Pro Ultra +BTT Button Dual Pack
US$ 32554 US$ 40692
Midland BT Next Pro Twinpack Communication System
US$ 30054 US$ 40692
Midland BT Next Pro Single Communication System
US$ 18528 US$ 24734
Midland Boom Mic `Pro` Series For Open Helmets
US$ 1347 US$ 1684

24 Items

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What is Midland?

Midland brand communication systems are the most advanced, efficient technological solution for group communication. Midland dedicates itself every day to people on the road, whether they are in cars, trucks or motorcycles. Midland strives to create ''A world where everyone can communicate in an easy and fun way.'' The brand was founded in 1959 in a small factory in Kansas City. Since then, Midland has been a world leader in radio communications and consumer electronics.

Why choose Midland?

Midland pays close attention to product quality by continually investing in research and development. With an enthusiastic staff of professionals, researchers, engineers, consultants and firmware and hardware designers with years of experience, product lines are tested, designed and developed. For 60 years, Midland has ensured that the success of the brand endures.

Thanks to the number of top models in Midland's name, you benefit from many advantages. For example, Midland even offers communication systems with which it is possible to communicate with six people at the same time. This is of course possible in full duplex and with digital sound quality for an optimal sound experience. Midland communication systems are designed in such a way that it is also possible to connect to a communication system of another brand. So you benefit from optimal ease of use. The systems come with a long range of up to 1.6 kilometers. Also, many extras are added such as noise reduction, automatic volume adjustment and an FM radio.

Don’t forget to take a look at our navigation systems to be fully prepared for your ride!

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